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Ionmax ION390

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The Ionmax ION390 UV HEPA Air Purifier utilises a five-step filtration process to completely and efficiently filter and clean indoor air. Starting with the Pre-filter, the HEPA filter, the Carbon filter, the TiO2 filter and the UV lamp, and finally the ION390 UV HEPA Air Purifier releases negative ions into the air to help revitalise and refresh indoor air.

Ionmax ION390 UV HEPA Air Purifier

Complete and Efficient Air Purification

The Ionmax ION390 UV HEPA Air Purifier utilises a five-step filtration process to completely and efficiently filter and clean indoor air. Starting with the pre-filter, the ION390 removes large airborne articles from the air. The HEPA air purifier filter then removes microscopic particles from the air, while the carbon filter removes undesirable odours and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The next step is the TiO2 filter and the UV lamp, which work hand-in-hand to break down harmful contaminants in the air and kill mould, bacteria and viruses. Finally, the ION390 UV HEPA Air Purifier releases negative ions into the air to help revitalise and refresh indoor air.

Pre Filter

Removes large airborne particles such as hair, dust and pet dander from air.

Hepa Filter

Removes microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, such as fine dust, smoke, bacteria, pollen and moulds from the air.

Carbon Filter

Eliminates odours such as smoke and VOCs.

Ti02 Filter and UVC Lamp

Work together to break harmful contaminants in their air ( such as bacteria and VOCs) and break them down into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules. The unit's built-in UVC lamp with 253.7 nm light efficiently deactivates mould, bacteria and viruses.


Releases negative ions to freshen and balance in the air.

Intelligent Controls

Air Quality Monitor

Monitors the air quality in your environment and adjust the fan speed accordingly when in Auto Mode

Colour Changing LED Indicator

Changes colour based on the level of air pollution

Auto Switch Off

Switches the unit off automatically if the cover panel is opened

Anti Exposure Cover

Protects you from direct exposure to the UV Light

HEPA Filter Cleaning / Replacement Reminder

Switches the unit off automatically if the cover panel is opened

Ionmax ION390 UV HEPA Air Purifier


Slim and Compact 

Designed for portability, the ION390 Air Purifier is light weight and slim so it's easy to place around the home or store when not in use

Infrared Remote Control

Comes with remote control for convinient controls. Can also be stored in the remote control dock on the top of the unit so you will never misplace it!

Digital LCD Display

Large and clear blue display that shows all the unit's setting and modes

Easy Maintenance

The Pre-filter HEPA filter and carbon filter are combined into one 3 in 1 filter, which makes replacement and maintenance much easier.

Low Power Consumption

Consumes just 55W of power

Comprehensive Features

Large Room Coverage

Covers up to 60sqm - Perfect for the living room, dining area, bedrooms, and whole apartments.

4 Adjustable Fan Speeds

Switch between Fast, Medium, Slow or Auto fan Mode.

Timer up to 8 hours

Set the air purifier to operate and switch off automotically for up to 8 hours. Convenient for use during bedtime.

Model No. ION390-B
Coverage Area 60 sqm
Negative Ion Output Yes
Air Flow 190 m3/hr
Input Voltage AC 230-240V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption 55 W
Dimensions 291.5 x 208 x 664 mm
Product Weight 5 kg
Warranty 1 year

Ionmax ION390 UV HEPA Air Purifier - Brochure

Ionmax ION390 UV HEPA Air Purifier - Info Sheet

Ionmax ION390 UV HEPA Air Purifier - User Manual

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Ionmax ION390 UV HEPA Air Purifier Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Great Purifier, but read below.

I recommend this purifier, however nothing is stated (that I could see) in the manual or on the box about checking the filters before use.

I ran this thing for a week before I took a look and discovered that both filters were sealed in plastic bags. I then messaged a buddy who'd had one for about 6 months. He checked his and confirmed the same.


Ionmax ION390

So Refreshing! A Great Multitasking Machine for Improving Air Quality.

The fresh air that blasts out of this machine when the fan is at max is incredible. Filtration consists of pre filter, HEPA and carbon filters, which remove particles right down to VOCs. This means it will even filter out smoke and smells.
It then also has a photocatalytic air purifier which breaks down complex pollutants into water, carbon dioxide and a tiny amount of ozone. Ozone is toxic, but dissipates quite quickly. The ION390 also has a negative ion generator which knocks positive charged particles out of the air. Some also say negative ions can positively affect a person's mood (in the same way a thunderstorm or being near a waterfall can be invigorating). The UV light (used in the photocatalysis) also kills mould, viruses and bacteria. So this machine does a helluva lot.
The UV light and negative ion generation can be switched off (great for sleeping, so no ozone is produced), and there are 3 fan speeds that can be manually adjusted.
I like the white noise produced by this machine, but some may find the top speed of the fan noisy.
The light/LCD panel is very bright, which I find disturbing for sleep.
The negative ion generator and UV can only be switched off together. I would prefer to be able to switch off the UV and photocatalytic purifier and leave the negative ion generator on.

Fast delivery. Works well as

Fast delivery. Works well as advertised.

excellent item

perfect item for the home

Great if you have sinus issues

I had been waking up with completely blocked sinuses. I wanted to try all my options before I saw an en&t about the issue. I stated leaving the Ionmax on all night on the Auto setting and I have been waking up with much clearer sinuses. I feel so much better in the mornings, i actually wake up refreshed and can do all the things i have been wanting to do, like exercise. Before, it was like waking up with a head cold every day. I love the Ionmax. Its super easy to use as well.

Office Workers

I run a small business (office) in tandem with a commercial kitchen. I noticed that the kitchen odours were substantially less when leaving the filter running on lowest setting. The staff were unaware I had implemented the filter, but hayfever in the office literally stopped the day I put it in.

The only thing I would request feature wise (I was using the unit in my bedroom) is a way to turn off that blue light - it's brighter than the damn sun when you're trying to sleep :)

Amazing worked better then expected

I keep my air filter in my room as I am a heavy smoker
Very easy to use and has everything you could want in it
The light on the top even turns from blue to green to red depending how toxic the air is very good for me when smoking it lets you know
I feel like a can take a deep clean breath of air

UV HEPA Air Purifer

THank you for this - it seems to work well - but I had difficulty wit registration RE

Air purifier

I have just purchased an Ion390 from Sleepsolutions and even on the first night after running the filter for four hours had one of my best night sleeps in a long time. Thanks

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