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With a strong belief that clean air is a human right, Andatech started the Ionmax brand to focus exclusively on designing and producing the best air purification products. Ionmax started with air purifiers for the car, fridge, and home. Today, the Ionmax brand offers a diverse range of products including  dehumidifiers, humidifiers, water purifiers, and lighting products.

Towards indoor quality air and a better quality of life

The brand is constantly developing and growing to include not only a wider range of health products but also the latest technology that help to enhance indoor air quality and improve our health. We actively search for new, clean air solutions for homes, offices and commercial locations where we live, work and breathe. More than that, we make a difference by always listening to our customers to understand their needs and issues so that we can be of the most assistance.

the latest technology

Our products integrate the latest advancements in air purification, including negative ionisation, activated carbon filtration, HEPA filtration and UV sterilisation. With an understanding that design and function is just as important as performance, we ensure that all our products are not only effective but also energy-efficient, user-friendly and reliable.

"...air filtration is recommended as an active environmental control step for persons with allergic respiratory disease."

- Dr. Cameron Jones, PhD.

"This product purifies the air quickly and efficiently to allow us to breathe easily and feel refreshed. "

- Rachael on the Ionmax Breeze ION420 Air Purifier

" I have a Ionmax Ion390 Hepa UV Air Purifier It has helped me with my chronic asthma..."

- Kerry Trewin on the Ionmax ION390 UV Hepa Air Purifier

"My sinuses are clearer and Im breathing much better. "

- Kate P on the Ionmax ION390 UV Hepa Air Purifier

"Already finding this machine making a difference to my breathing!!!!!"

- Robert D. on the Ionmax ION401 Tower Ionic Air Purifier

"I'm sleeping so much better and so is my husband who has always had sleep problems. "

- Roxanne H. on the Ionmax ION401 Tower Ionic Air Purifier

"Works better than expected... the uv light helps keep all bacteria away so no dramas about mould"

- Jason G. on the Ionmax ION90 UV Warm/Mist Humidifier

" leaving the machine on for a while everything is lovely and dry. I no longer have to worry about mould forming anywhere."

- Cindy L. on the Ionmax ION612 Desiccant Dehumidifier

"Couldn’t believe how much moisture is coming out of the air. Our old semi really benefits from having this running."

- Frieda on the Ionmax ION612 Desiccant Dehumidifier

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Ionmax in the Press and Media

Choice Consumer Review | April 2017

Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers top the CHOICE dehumidifier reviews for the 6th consecutive year.

Choice Consumer Review | June 2016

Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers top the CHOICE dehumidifier reviews again for the 5th consecutive year.

PR Wire | June 2016

Andatech launches the Ionmax ION801 Ray Far Infrared Heater.

Renovating Magazine | January 2016

Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers help to speed up paint drying without heating up the room.

Digital Reviews Network | July 2015

The editors of Digital Reviews Network give their review of the Ionmax ION450 Premium Home Air Purifier.

Choice Consumer Review | July 2015

Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers top the CHOICE dehumidifier reviews again for the 3rd consecutive year.

The Age | November 2015

The Ionmax Serene Aroma Diffuser is featured in The Age, WA Today, and the Canberra Times under their featured products.

Aussie Product Review | 2014

Aussie Product Review tests and writes their review of the Ionmax ION401 Tower Ionic Air Purifier.

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Mould Removal Infographic: Don’t Let Mould Ruin Your Home

Indoor Air Quality Infographic

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