Where to buy Andatech Distribution products

Buy Andatech's distribution products directly from our online store, or shop from our authorised distributors and retailers below. If looking for products in-store, be sure to call your nearest store first to check for stock availability. For more information or advice on what to buy, do give our friendly support team a call.

Where to buy a breathalyser

We are proud to have partnered with these respected businesses within Australia which means you will be able to find our top-quality products at a number of different locations. If you were wondering where to buy a breathalyser near you, then our business partners are a good place to start.

Where to buy an air purifier or dehumidifier

Shopping for an Ionmax air purifier or dehumidifier near you? Find Ionmax in these physical stores throughout Australia.

Andatech's online retailers

Andatech's distribution products, including our breathalysers, wellness products and dash cams are available online from the following major online retail stores. Visit them online or in-store to check out our products: