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First Sign
Tim R.

Great product that satisfies my requirements

Calibration Management Plan

Worth the cost as it's far cheaper than loosing your licence, it's a 6 monthly check up to ensure the accuracy of your unit. The process is simple and efficient. Before you know it your unit is back in your possession.

Great service

Order arrived without a problem and the item is as described.

Good dehumidifier

Good quality dehumidifier. Takes out a lot of water in the room. Quite when it is running. Not much heat comes from it.

Very good product and good service too

So I have two air filters from Andatech now ... and I find them both to be superb. I have had one for over a year now .. and its still effectively .. silent on its lowest mode. These products are very good value considering the UV sterilization light that each has, which IMO sets them a step above the others air filters I could find on the market. I'd recommend these products with ease - cheers

Easy to use and Reliable

Bright clear screen, easy to use, consistent readings. Very happy with this purchase. Looks good compared to other ones. When selecting thermometer, I checked the distance you’re supposed to make the reading. Surprisingly the data sheets on other ones said you needed it at 0-1cm. This one you can use 3-5cm away. More practical and forgiving when using on a sick child.


The calibration service was prompt and the breathalyser was returned efficiently.
Very good service, thank you.


I love this dehumidifier so much that I bought a second one. Unbelievable how much moisture they extract. They work remarkably well in cool damp areas of my house that are not heated and therefore musty during the winter. They draw 4 litres of water in around 10-12 hours, leaving the rooms fresh and dry. They have made a huge difference and work so much better than those pots of damp-rid that I used in past winters. The Ionmax is easy to move around and the removable tray makes it easy to empty the water without spills. The only thing I don't like about the unit is the noise that it makes - a low hum. Definitely not a big problem though, and I would recommend the product and Andatech for no fuss on-line purchasing and very quick, well packaged delivery.

DrugSense DSU9
Adriana S.B.
Very efficient!!!

The DSU9 Urine Drug Testing Kit works perfectly. It's fast and efficient!! We did the test at home and went to the doctors on the same day for an official urine test from them for a court case and it returned all negative just like the testing kit.

AlcoSense Verity
Karen M.
Easy to use!

A friend recommended this model, it is very easy to use, and handy to have in the glove box!

The best I've owned yet.

Wow, What an awesome little breathalyzer this one is! Having owned and been a personal breathalyzer user since the early days of disposable crystals in a bag type that turn red indicating either alcohol is present or is not, to early "personal digital" units requiring 8x AA batteries that lasted a week "maybe" that I would NEVER trust due to the massive variation between tests and their complete inability to detect any alcohol after a few hours even if your BAC is actually still well over .05BAC, (ALL regularly calibrated when applicable) through to the early AlcoLimit Enforcer 2, then enforcer 3 (both actually great units that were quite accurate but I'd never truly trust for fine results) then an AlcoLimit defender, Bactrack S80 Pro (the best up till now) and now onto the awesome Andatech AlcoSense ZENITH +... WOW! This is next level making even my S80 look like a toy in comparison, I've never seen such repeatable accuracy, these are awesome, so much so after extensive testing at home I've bought an optional 5yr calibration plan to keep it spot on, I couldn't recommend these more highly to anyone who is actually serious about BAC% testing, if you want a toy that will lie to you and tell you you're just under the limit so feel free to drive, go ahead and buy that toy, but if you are truly serious about keeping a close check on your BAC% then it's an easy choice, these CAN be trusted, so use it correctly and it will be the best device you've ever bought yourself or someone you really care about.

Short answer, I highly recommend these and also highly recommend getting a calibration service plan so you don't have to worry about remembering when to do it as Andatech will email you just before it's due, and on top of that it's much more cost efficient, I'm going to give it a 9.95/10, EASILY the best I've owned yet.

MedSense Disposable Medical Face Masks with Ear Loops (EN14683 Type IIR)
Joe G.
Highly recommended.

Fast transit, communication & overall a great product. The masks fit well, easy to breath, don’t feel itchy or any other discomfort! Thankyou Andatech.

3 faulty dehumidifiers in a row

I purchased my first ionmax 612 around 4 years. It worked perfectly, no issues. Then due to fault of my own, I had to replace it. I purchased through one of their suppliers, it turned out to be faulty. I then returned that and got a replacement, it also turned out faulty and rattled so I returned that and got a refund. I then decided to purchase directly through this store and now weeks later, yet another dehumidifier that is rattling. One moment the dehumidifier is fine, next moment it’s rattling. I have now spent my entire winter going back and forth with replacements and returns. This is very disappointing and quite simply unacceptable. It has caused me a lot of stress and I need a dehumidifier for health reasons. I now have to find a repair store, pay more money for them to fix it as I cannot go another month with returns and replacements. Aside from the rattling noises, machine works fine, however a dehumidifier shouldn’t rattle. And not 3 in a row. I keep trying to give a one star rating but it automatically shifts to 5. This is a one star rating.

Hi Celia,

We regret to hear that you're having an issue with your unit.

Our support team has sent an email to you to assist you further.

Thank you.


Thank you for your good and quick srevice

Ionmax Vienna ION 630

Works great, takes the cold moisture filled air out and returns warmed up air. Bedrooms no longer feel damp and cold. Only pain is having to empty out the filled canister, but it simply means that moisture is not in our rooms anymore!

Very good product

Does the job, works very well in my art studio. I can set to an ideal humidity level for safe storage of paintings. I just would have appreciated the required drainage parts to be supplied in the package, rather than having to run around trying to source before I could use. Staff were very helpful once I reached out.

Every Night

Not sure if its doing anything. Filter still looks absolutely clean after several months. The ioniser doesn’t leave the tell tale black marks around it. I still get a blocked nose most nights And often sneeze in the mornings.

AlcoSense Novo
Declan K.

Works well

Needs a manual!

Frustrating to have to work it all out yourself. Even inserting the micro SD card was a hassle as the icon is the wrong way about. The formatting the sd? how are you supposed to know that?
I'm pretty tech savvy and it was a pain. Now its working I hope it is hassle free! I don't want to find out its not working, if forbid, I have a collision.
working your way about the menu seems random.
Come on it cannot be hard to write a manual!!!

Hi Rob,

We're sorry to hear that - the manual should be in the box however if you're unable to locate it, you can also download it from our website or here:

Ionmax Vienne ION630 10L/day Desiccant

We're pretty impressed with the unit. One in the bedroom and one the bathroom. Condensation on our walls ceilings and windows is not visible and the musty smell has disappeared after about a week of 2hrs a day use.
We have the added benefit of warming the rooms up to a comfortable temperature during dehumidification.
We've compared our power usage from this time last year as it's comparable to the heat pump however we have 60-70% RH this year instead of over 90-95%.
Highly recommended for cold climates.

Arrived in a very timely manner and was exactly as expected

Great Service

Excellent communication & service- recommend.

This is the third Andatech desiccant dehumidifier we bought. They work day and night as we live in a humid area. Never a fault. They are amazing!

Ionmax desiccant dehumidifier

I am very pleased with this product.I can use in the two bedroom unit.Very portable.Easy to clean.Excellent product.I am happy bought it and use it.
Highly recommend for small places.Very fresh smell in the room.
In the future only I will buy from andatech.

Very happy

I bought the ION612 after mould appeared on the walls and ceiling of a bedroom. It arrived within a week despite Covid disruptions. Within a few days of use, the mouldy smell disappeared and as an unexpected bonus, the early morning sneezing and sinus problems I had been having for nearly a year cleared up within a week and haven't come back. I highly recommend this dehumidifier - it has made our winter a whole lot easier!