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I purchased an AlcoSense Novo Personal Breathalyser for my brother-in-law. Service as always has been first class with the item being delivered within days of purchase. The breathalyser has been used by my brother-in-law, to check his BAC levels the morning after a big drink the night before. He was reminded of the dangers of driving as his BAC readings were over the legal limit.

Great quality product for the price

Product works well. Seems to be very good quality too. Very impressed and would recommend!

Good dehumidifier

The ionmax Rhine is great

Calibration Management Plans for AlcoSense Breathalysers

Love it! But Not available in white anymore.

I bought one of these amazing little heaters last year. It is superb and provides a type of heat that is a thousand times better than any heat pump/Air conditioner! :-) Only problem is, when I went to buy a second heater just recently, I was told that the white model is no longer available - which was extremely disappointing. (I am not interested in the black model). One of the reasons I initially purchased the Ion Max Ray was because it was white and clean looking, and it also blended in with my walls when I stored it during the Summer - unlike other heaters in the shops. Please bring back the white model (and soon!). If you know of any stockist with the white heater in stock please do let me know. Thank you.


Bought from RAA with an attractive discount. Unfortunately it doesn't function. Had it professionally installed by auto electrician. Will be returning. Avoid the hassle.

Great fast service

Very easy to use and very fast

Great product

As a student nurse, use the thermometer on various wards. Great product - quick, reliable, accurate and easy to use, especially with children and on night shift, with its clear, bright readings. Also compact enough to fit into a nursing/paramedic pouch.

Fast efficient service

I can highly recommend the Andatech products and particularly Calsense’s rapid service!

Very good

Simple and very easy to use. We moved from urine to saliva test and been a great transition so far.

Happy with the prompt service Product easy to use

AlcoSense Elite 3 Personal Breathalyser

Great customer service

I accidently ordered 2 units due to my poor internet, and was impressed when a person from Andatech rang me to check that this was what I wanted, and then cancelled and immediately refunded the transaction for unwanted second de-humidifier. In these days of automated everything it was excellent service! Ionmax Dehumidifier is working well too. Thanks!


Only worked correctly for 41 tests and now gives me over when I haven't had a drink 4 2 days


Bought this from Total Tools in December 2023. premium product and app works great. cables long enough for a 7 seater.

False advertising.

I purchased the DriveSense Spotter dash cam from the RAA, SA on the 5/1/23. I read the user manual and then started to charge the unit. Supposed to take around 120 minutes to charge. What crap. After 5 hours I was still waiting. Finally I got to the point of putting in the micro SD card. The manual said I can use up to 128gb card. Another load of crap. The largest card it would accept is 32gb. I finally set the date and time but with great difficulty as the user manual is hard to follow and understand. The icons on the screen are so small that you do not know where you are. I also contacted the support team at Andatech but they could not help me. Cannot recommend this unit to anyone.

Salivia test kit.

It works and is accurate. Good instruction on its use. Overall good value.

It's great. Love the 3 colour temperature indicator light.

Great service.

Best turn around time to Regional Victoria I’ve witnessed

Excellent Quick Service

No hassles and extremely prompt turnaround


Easy to use and acurate

Breathalyser mouthpieces

Extremely happy with ordering and speed of delivery

Excellent Service

Just had my AlcoSense Breathalyser calibrated by Andatech and I can't be any happier how quick it was. Highly recommend