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Excellent Service

Just had my AlcoSense Breathalyser calibrated by Andatech and I can't be any happier how quick it was. Highly recommend


The battery does not charge, so you can't work with it unless plugged into car with car running. Video is okay, but jerky and often pixelates. No decent instructions on how to work it, have had mine for quite some time, it sits on the windscreen looking pretty as I've never been able to work out how to work it, save videos, or download. The app has never worked on the wifi, and in fact the app won't even open anymore. Disappointing, as I expected a lot more for the money. It took a lot of time to find an sd card that would even work, as it accepts very few types. I need to format it, but can't because I can't work out how, and the unit does not stay powered on so I can do anything. Sadly, I wasted a lot of money on something that is just an ornament.

Excellent purchase

We bought this product when our adult children got their P’s. We knew they would never drink and drive, but it was the morning after a party that we wanted them to be sure they had no alcohol in their system. We trust this product immensely and are very happy with it.

easy to deal with and very prompt

Calibration Management Plans for Andatech Breathalysers

Would not go drinking without it

I have had a AlcoSense Zenith+ for a number of years now and would thoroughly recommend them. Well worth the $ outlay. Have bought a further 3 units for members of my extended family as gifts. These are gifts that keep on giving, hopefully for many years to come.


The readings give me confidence that I am under .05. That is important to me.
Don’t use it much as it has taught me how much I can legally have

Calibration review.

Quick turnaround and everything works perfectly.

Fast and reliable

I love this new gear. Promptly responds to buttons and beeps with high temp! I like the bluy colour where it is measuring.

Great Product

Delivery was very fast, and great product simple and easy to use.

Can’t get it to operate properly.

Can’t get it to operate properly. I do not get the blo to come onto the screen. When a zero comes up it doesn’t give a reading

MedSense infrared Forehead & Ear Thermometer

Works Great and I’m really happy with its ease of use.

Swift service with great communication

Very happy with my calibration plan. Proactive follow ups and reminders if the device isn't received on time, and proactive notifications throughout to process so you always know when to expect your device back.

Great thank you

Back up for my current uv lamp

Cheap Insurance

Enables you to understand how much you can drink before it’s unsafe to drive. A no brainer !

Exactly what I wanted

A Keto Must Have

Getting in and staying in ketosis shouldn't be a guessing game. This takes the guess work out of the equation. Am able to see how hydration and exercising or the lack thereof effects the ketone levels. When the reading is too low or too high I was able to reflect back in real time and figure out what I did that affected the rapid change in the reading from one day compared to the last. This allows me to make small changes to get more stable consistent ketone levels. The app is great as it tracks weight as well as the ketone levels over time.

Replacement sensor

Sensor didn’t work immediately as it was coming up with an error, but turned out it was user error. I was provided friendly advice and it worked well.
Thanks Andatech!

DSO8 Test Kits

Ordering was easy just click and pay, delivery was very fast and tracking was provided. Use of the test kits is simple and easy, and seeing the results in such a quick time. Great product and service.

new AlcoSense Verity (Navy)

I am v-happy with the new alcosense verity analyser. The unit was delivered in a timely manner and is far quicker & easier to use than my old unit. A couple who I socialise with recently purchased a tester in Whyalla, they were uncertain of the calibration requirements, discussed it with them and they were going to contact the store, however if in doubt, I have forwarded to them your website - cheers


Amazing product,I can feel the change of the quality of the air,love the design and the friendly sounds when I turn the machine on.Highly recommended!

Great little breathalyser

This is a great way to stay safe after a night out. It fits easily into my pocket and gives me peace of mind when I'm out late. the LED display, which is really handy in dark places. Highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to stay under the limit when they're out and about!

Calibration Management For Personal Breathalysers
Christine C.

Calibration Management For Personal Breathalysers

Nice Design

I recently purchased a breathalyser, and I'm impressed with how well-design. It's easy to use and provides accurate results. I don't use phone apps to track the reading. It may come in handy in the future. Overall, I'm really happy with this breathalyser, and a big thumbs up to the friendly team for helping me with my purchase.