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Great service

Thank you for the great product and service, I will happily purchase from you in future


Just received mine in the post.. it is very easy to use so far.. connected to the app easily... Upgraded firmware as instructed in the box... Got my first reading!
I like that the Ketoscan app is intuitive and easy to use... Fast to connect as well... Everything is tracked... Cant wait to use it for daily ketosis tracking.. Thank you

Calibration Management For Personal Breathalysers


Very good service.All upto date.

AlcoSense Zenith Breathalyser Sensor

Ionmax ION390

Works brilliantly

Since purchasing this ultra cool looking purifier it has actually helped to clear up my skin more and with the smoke pollution in Melbourne, my bedroom didn't smell of fire smoke at all....amazing!!!! I am so happy with it and have it on all of the time next to my computer or bed...so easy to move around and the power bank lasts a long time.

Received the goods quickly

AcuDrug Saliva Test

Alcosence stealth

Excellent, will double check accuracy with local police


Quick service very happy.

Lower Ion output than previous model-seems to me..

Hi, look, it is a nice air purifier....however, having a previous Ionmax. still have needs repaired, after cleaning does not wish to come back on, maybe just a switch... You could smell the negative Ions coming out of it, if in large closed room for few hours, smell was in the air a bit...:) A true lightening maker...air zapper...this one has the tube...sorry..but I do you a bit about all this ...they do not perform the same..and it is more difficult to have a tube or bulb put out Only negative ions...Ozone , mixed is not so good for human consumption,, in Australia, we have over abundance of positive ions...like over the top..5500 Positive per cubic meter to 320 negative is considered extreme imbalance, but quite often the case here....balance is 320 N to 280 P max....so, i have my concerns with this new unit..if I knew it was ozone tube,,,I would not have purchased it...the extra air filtering is nice to a degree, but you got to zapp the crap, mate...and I have to cover the blue light to sleep...so there ya go..and return comments are most welcome...

Excellent Customer Service

I have always found the team at Andatech to be professional and efficient. They deliver their services promptly and appears to go the "extra distance" in providing support to their customers. It is a pleasure deaing with Andatech!


We have been really struggling to make our unit work. Looking for a useful video to check we are doing it right. We are doing everything in the instructions but not getting a reading.

Hi Jayne
Please look out for an email from our support team in your inbox. You can also contact our support team on 1300 800 200 or email support@andatech.com.au so that we can help you troubleshoot.


These have been fantastic. We are 100 kms from the fires in NSW, yet covered in smoke. Today we have the worst air pollution in Australia.. Under these conditions I would the house has just a hint, under normal circumstances the air is clean and free from pollens and farming dust that gets in everywhere usually. Very happy and have been recommending ever since I got mine.

Opens the gate

Good products as far as I can say. But unfortunately followed by persistent pestering emails requesting a review.

I bought one of these to help keep the air clean for my pet mice, who can be very prone to respiratory illness. So far so good! With thorough dusting and vacuuming the air is always clean and smell-free. I run it for two hours each day.


I think it’s very good but i don’t have anything to compare it against.

However so far so good


i can now have greater choice and awareness on whether I decide to drive knowing that the AlcoSense Volt is calibrated to Australian Standards.

Slim and Easy to use.

Apart from taking longer than expected to get to me, I have been very pleased with my Alcosense Verity. I find it easy to carry about and to use. I have no trouble blowing enough air into it to get a reading, but my partner does. It appears that blowing into it for 4 seconds can be a problem for some people, but since this one is mainly intended for me, this is not a problem in my case.

AlcoSense Volt

Works great and easy to use
Purchased for my sons so they can check if they are ok to drive

Breathalyser Review

Well received product by all who received one - compact & easy to use🍺