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great product,very convenient to use

Calibration management plan

Very satisfied with the plan, AlcoSense Silver plan
Have had my first calibration completed under the plan and the turn around service was excellent.
I will be using the AlcoSense Gold plan next year, looks like good value.
The only down side was the time taken by Auspost to deliver my breathalyser to Andatech, Perth to Nunawading.

Clean air

It is a very efficient unit, it is also very quiet. WOULD RECOMEND to anybody

MedSense Thermometer

An easy to use compact thermometer with its own case, The readouts are accurate and I recommend this product.

Everything turned up ok this time. Last time it went missing!

Please would you keep me updated with your products.

Calibration Management For Individual Breathalysers
David M.

The process worked smoothly for me

Good service quick delivery

Calibration Management For Individual Breathalysers
Stuart B.
Quick turnaround.

I wasn’t aware but my breathalyser was out of calibration. It was telling me that I was 0.000 but the report told a different story.
Super quick turnaround and a very good investment if you enjoy an occasional drink, but your job requires you to be alcohol free.
Calibrate your equipment. 👍

Andatech Precision+.
Stacey C.

Love it


Every time I tried to use it, it would come on only intermittently but mostly not come on at all. In the end I had to get another forehead thermometer to do my job. I am a registered nurse.

Hi Shirley,

Thank you for your honest feedback regarding our MedSense Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer TF01 — we regret to hear about the issue you've encountered.

We've reached out to you via email to assist you further with the issue reported. We hope to hear back from you soon.

If you do not see our email, you can contact us at or ring us at (03) 88996900.


Works well. Thank you. Would recommend.
It’s great how it’s hidden behind my rear vision mirror and isn’t in my way when I’m driving.

Sudarat G.


AlcoSense Zenith+.
Geoff T.
Great product!!

Well done. The product is very accurate and reliable.

DrugSense DSO8 Plus.
Vince L.R.

DrugSense DSO8 Plus

ToxWipe™ 7.
Tracey S.
BBQ cover

Great quality. Fits the BBQ well.

Solid product if only they could sort out the light levels

It’s been pretty good so far! Not waking up with cracked lips, irritated and dry throat and nose.

Although if you need a DARK room to sleep this may not be ideal, even in the sleep mode. The UV light is on any time the machine pumps out mist(which is what it’s meant to do so that it kills things) but it does cast a decent amount of blue light. The display also is brighter than needed, even in sleep mode. I workaround it by putting a cloth and a stack of books up against it to block that.

Otherwise it’s pretty good. Cleaning has been pretty easy and the mouth for water intake has been wide enough to fit my hand in to wash the reservoir (something not all of them allow).

I’ve previously had a Dyson humidifier (which they no longer sell in Australia for some reason), and the previous version of this humidifier from the ionmax range and have found this one both cheaper and easier than the Dyson. Make of that what you will.

One star off for the led levels and no option to turn off the damn things entirely if in sleep mode. Surely if you need to check you can touch any of the buttons to bring them back online?

I did find that my purifier went nuts! The first week I used this it would think the sky was falling anytime the humidifier was on. I can only guess it was due to the new filter in the humidifier? Once the humidifier went through it’s first tank of water and was cleaned the purifier hasn’t had an issue with it.

FAR Infrared Bliss

A Great heater from a great company couldn't be happier with my purchase!

Peace of mind

Have bought expensive thermometers from chemist before which were unreliable. This one is great, glad we purchased it.


W0ks well

High satisfaction

After having a new IonMax Ray ION801 in my sitting-room for two weeks, I was so impressed that I decided to invest in a second one for the bedroom-study. They are working superbly and consume only 40%-60% of the electricity used by the less effective convection heaters I'd used for years previously.

Met our requirements extremely well

Delivered as promised - both the product and the performance.
We’ve been really pleased with Ray ION801. We wanted heating that was portable but mostly to be used in one room of the house that gets no winter sun and that can be icy. The Ray ION801 heat is a comfortable heat and there is no fan blowing on you, which we like…and it is very quiet, almost silent. Because of how cold the room is the heater needs to be set up pretty close to the body initially but as the room begins to warm this is less important…once it has been on a relatively short time you can walk into the room and feel the warmth …including for several hours after the heater is turned off. Room size is 20sqm and through winter we’ve used it as a yoga space and work space…it has meant we can use this space in comfort. Other peoples reviews were helpful in confirming my decision to purchase this heater so I hope this review can help someone else.


Not impressed…just an average but expensive heater

Calibration Management For Individual Breathalysers
Stephen P.

I find the Andatech calibration system & process simple & easy to follow with the confidence that your unit will always work to its peak & give you an accurate read out whenever you use it. Thankyou

Mouthpieces For AlcoSense Personal Breathalysers (Pack of 50)
Karen C.

Ive had nil issues with the mouthpieces for the alcosense breathalyser. They work well.

First Sign
Tim R.

Great product that satisfies my requirements