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Ionmax Vienne
David H.
Great unit - effective and reliable

We have had an older Ionmax dehumidifier for about 6 years and it has been used for a lot of hours in that time. We needed a new one and it is lighter, more programmable, more versatile and just as effective. I especially like the humidity level meter display.

Very helpful

Was prescribed duromine to loose weight and was worried it would show up as amphetamine on a road side drug test so I bought the saliva tests. Even though it was negative I was still to scared to drive because I am on parole.

Ionmax Vienne
John W.
Does what it is intended to do

I am unsure of the science of it, but the water tank fills rapidly. You would have to think we are better off for that.

Great communication

The products were delayed, but we received communication and gave us great options. Thanks.

Ionmax Vienne
Yvonne G.

It’s amazing just how much moisture use to be in our home. We live in a sub tropical part of the Central Coast NSW amid tree ferns, palms & a gully. As lovely as that is I couldn’t stop the mould in the house. Since purchasing this model we are getting a minimum of 10 litres a day just from downstairs alone. It’s working so well I purchased another dehumidifier for upstairs & move it from room to room getting another 4-6 litres a day. Best thing… no more mould.

Ionmax Vienne
Fran C.

I am over the top happy with my ionmax machine. Should have brought it years ago. In Qld we are having a very wet time I am so amazed.

Ionmax Ray
Helen M.
Smart and warm

It’s great, warms room but doesn’t dry the air. I’m very pleased with it

Ionmax Vienne
John B.
So satisfying!

Absorbs over 4L of surrounding water/moisture in the house in under 8 hours... insane! We now have it running continuously using the supplied tube, via an external timer, to once-and-for-all get rid of that damp smell from under the house. Thank you IonMax!

Ionmax Vienne
Rodney D.

Received unit 10 days ago (evening of Thursday 12 May 2022). With seemingly constant wet weather, I have set unit controls of 'ION630' on auto with 50 % relative humidity, which inhibits mould and bacteria growth. So far I have extracted 64 litres of moisture from the ground floor. Internal house is 383 square metres. I am a Choice consumer magazine member and use their reviews before purchasing a product. Shame about being manufactured in China. I am using negative ion feature. No smells. The instructions clearly state that the unit absorbs odors such as cigarette, deodorant etc smells in the home, heats and discharges into the room. So far air filter is clean. I have not used the 12mm ID drain hose as yet because I keep moving the unit after emptying the 4.2 litre tank. so far so good. Warranty registration requires serial number...can't find it...maybe on bottom of unit. Will check when I next empty the tank. Rod

Ionmax Vienne
Judit S.
Ionmax vienne dehumdifier

Excellent quality.Very easy to use.Really takes out lots of water from air.

Ionmax Vienne
Rostislav T.
Worthwhile purchase

The unit made immediate difference. Have been using it in each room and air quality has noticeably improved. Fantastic purchase, especially after the NSW historic rains. Highly recommended.

Ionmax Vienne
Joseph N.
Great at dehumidifying

Firstly, It's an outstanding unit for dehumidifying. No question it works well. We have two units and they reduced our whole (small) house from over 80% to less than 60% in less than a day. They do take out 10L per day each. They are a little noisier than the specs suggest which was a little disappointing, and they also generate a lot of heat, so I imagine summer will be challenging. On the warmer day last week (25 C and raining outside) we needed to run our portable air con units at the same time to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

Ionmax ION632
Ion max 632 dehumidifier

Live in a heavily treed area, and the ionmax 632
Is fabulous, keeping air dry and stopping mould
In clothes and on walls. Air stays fresh and breathable,
It does not feel damp, air feels dry and much more comfortable living space in our home.
I highly recommend this product.
Very happy with this purchase

Ionmax Ray
We love it! Want more!

We love this heater! It's perfect for cold winters. We'll probably get another one for a different room.

Abbott Panbio™ COVID-19 antigen self-test kit

Great Product and Customer Service

Th order status was promptly updated, super happy with the product and its availability


Easy to use and read

Convenient to use

Versatile checking possible and easy to use.

AlcoSense Stealth

Ionmax ION632 10L/day Desiccant Dehumidifier

MedSense Disposable Face Masks with Ear Loops

Just works

I researched all of the filters that were available and this is the only one that has a negative ion and Ultraviolet light. Helps filters are available in all of the filters you can buy but this one has a full spec sheet so you can be confident of its performance. As well it includes a sensor that indicates the level of pollution which is a surprise.

Calibration management plan

To early to tell. Have only had one of the two tests.
Problem is the need for calibration every 6 months when alcotest probably used once a month.

Good, tank could be a bit bigger

Good, tank could be a bit bigger

Also a humidity indicator could help