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Great thermometer

Nice 3 in 1 thermometer. Very fast to use. Convenient with children and milk bottles. Really love the build of it, feels very premium and high quality for an affordable price.

Convenient and compact thermometer

Love the small size and convenience of the plastic storage case as it protects the thermometer inside. Find it quite accurate and exceptionally easy to use. Have recommended to my mum groups as many find other models on the market so bulky!


Husband I have studied our individual blood alcohol impact on set number of drinks. Can now go out for dinner with confidence knowing the amount of alcohol we can consume without any surprises on the way home.

Unable to install

We have followed the instructions however there is a fixed plastic shield in the way of putting the bulb in???
This is not mentioned in the instructions?
Can you give me a call and discuss please
Cheers Glennis Brooking

Ionmax ION430 UV HEPA Air Purifier

Ionmax ION430 UV HEPA Air Purifier

Ionmax Breeze ION420 UV

I wasn't convinced at the efficacy or need, I thought they were just another fad. I was going to say with my parents for 6 weeks, who have a cat that I am highly allergic to & wasn't looking forward to constant asthma, swollen eyes & welts & taking antihistamines 4 times a day, with little effect.
I did some research & thought I can't be worse off & had it sent to their home, before I arrived.
I am now totally sold on this product.
Some days I'm not taking any antihistamines, others 1 a day & I'm using very little ventolin. I noticed a big difference within 2 days of use.
Simple to assemble & easy to use.
Unit is quiet, especially on low at night.
Extremely happy with this air purifier.
Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

AlcoSense Verity

AlcoSense Verity

Precision model

i run out of breath most of the time before it stops beeping.


Good service great product

Terrible Unit From Andatech

Leaks and makes a Trimble hissing noise only one fan speed and water all over my floor and carpet. Humidity does not change and I have a separate Humidity stat . The ion 622 is inaccurate and causes more humidity then it solves it just blows warm air ? I didn't buy a heater did I.....

The whole unit is a fail.

I wouldn't buy unless you like to waste

Andatech Review December 2020

I am very happy with the service provided. It was extremely prompt and efficient, and the level of communication during the process exceeded my expectations.

First class

Great service

trustworthy results

I have had one of these for approximately 4 years now, and so have a couple of my friends. It has been tested side by side against a police issue very expensive model, and has always been accurate. The best money we have all spent!

DrugSense DSO8 Plus Saliva Screen Test

These masks do the job

I ordered them online for delivery to SA and received them promptly. The masks fit my face well and I don’t have any problems with breathing or speaking while wearing the mask.

Very happy customer

Merry Christmas and Thank you to everyone for your very easy to deal with no trouble team. The process is so simple, why wouldn’t anyone have their breathalysers calibrated

Covid protection

Very comfortable & protects well.

Can’t review.

This is a Christmas present that I have not received yet. Lol.

Happy customer

It is very pleasing to know we can now drive home with the accurate knowledge that we are under the limit (or at least one of us is). No more guess work. Everyone should have one.


so easy to place order for products and recalibration. thank you

MedSense Disposable Medical Face Masks with Ear Loops (ASTM Level 2)