About Andatech Distribution

Keeping you safe, improving your life, wherever you are

Our mission is to embrace life through innovating solutions for wellness, health and safety and commitment to excellence in all that we do.

Andatech is a 100% Australian-owned, award-winning company operating from Vermont, Victoria. Established since 2003, Andatech focuses on products that innovate solutions for wellness, health and safety in everyday life. Committed to excellence, our aim is to not only design and develop products in Australia that integrate the latest in technology but also to constantly provide the best customer experience in the industry through exceptional customer service and user-friendly online systems.

Andatech's ISO 9001 certification is an example of our ongoing commitment to quality. ISO 9001 is one of the world's most recognised quality management standard, and we use it to ensure that we are continuously improving our processes, products and services. Having successfully maintained ISO 9001 certification through regularly scheduled audits, we continue to maintain our high standard of supplying superior products and exceptional customer service to you.  

A brief background

Quality of life is what drives the nature of our business. Hence why, here at Andatech, our mission is to provide solutions in minimising risk and improving our customer’s lifestyle. Be it personal safety or enhancing air quality at home, the health, safety and wellness of people are the foundation of Andatech.

While Andatech's core business is in workplace alcohol and drug testing, Andatech Distribution is the distribution arm of the company, focusing on consumer safety, lifestyle, health and wellness. Our portfolio of wholly-owned subsidiaries include AlcoSense, Ionmax and MedSense, to name a few.

Andatech today

Andatech boasts the widest range of Australian Standards AS3547 Certified personal breathalysers, making personal accountability more available and affordable to consumers.  Customer experience and reliability is a highlighting point for our loyal and returning customers, and the awards we've received for business technology, innovation, and customer service is a testament to that.

Andatech continues to introduce new technologies and services to the market, including more efficient desiccant dehumidifiers, UV HEPA air purifiers, and personal breathalysers with higher accuracy.

What we pride ourselves on

Quality products & systems

Andatech is committed to quality, and our ISO 9001 certification is just one example of that. Relevant products are certified to Australian Standards and TGA ensuring that they are accurate, reliable, and well-supported through a strict control process.

A global company

Andatech is headquartered in Australia, but our clients and partners come from all around the globe. We’re also calling more countries home, with more representatives in various countries helping Andatech grow.
Working with the highest ethical standards, as well as providing excellent quality service and products, is just good business. To be recognised by some of the top business awards just reconfirms the fact that we are doing the right things.