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Introducing AlcoSense personal breathalysers: Australian Standard AS3547 certified for accuracy, built with fuel cell sensor tech for lasting precision. Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee for your peace of mind. Buy durable, reliable and high quality breathalysers to promote personal and driver safety. Stay safe and informed with AlcoSense.


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AlcoSense Nexus-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Nexus-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Nexus
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 (2)
$426.36 $499.09
On Sale
AlcoSense Elite 3 BT-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Elite 3 BT-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Elite 3 BT
Rating: 4.92 out of 5 (13)
AlcoSense Elite 3-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Elite 3-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Elite 3
Rating: 4.92 out of 5 (12)
$219.00 $259.00
On Sale
AlcoSense Zenith+-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Zenith+-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Zenith+
Rating: 4.94 out of 5 (33)
AlcoSense Stealth-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Stealth-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Stealth
Rating: 4.82 out of 5 (44)
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity
Rating: 4.91 out of 5 (22)
AlcoSense Novo-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Novo-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Novo
Rating: 4.83 out of 5 (6)

Andatech believes that safety should always come first and wanted to develop a way to promote road and driver safety, especially in Australia where there is such a strong drinking culture.

AlcoSense is Andatech's personal alcohol testing division, focused on providing accurate, reliable and easy-to-use breathalysers to Australians so that anyone, from new drivers to old drivers, can enjoy a beer and ensure that they are safe to drive by getting themselves tested. AlcoSense pioneered the consumer and industrial market for breathalysers in Australia, offering the Australian market with entry level breathalysers to be used by the general public since 2004. Today, AlcoSense offers the largest and most highly reviewed range of Australian Standards AS3547 Certified personal alcohol breath testers in Australia.

AlcoSense breathalysers are sold in over 200 stores Australia wide and internationally, and used in various industries for road safety and workplace safety.

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Reviews from Customers
Heath Barclay★★★★★

"I have had a great experience dealing with these guys. Highly recommend, not just because of the Stealth product performance but their customer service is second to none!! Dealt with Beverly mulitple times and she has been amazing!!!"

Nick Lobe★★★★★

"I have purchased numerous breathalyzers for ourselves, family friends and also professional drivers. I first found these at my workplace and found them very accurate and easy to use. Staff also very helpful and informative when questioned."

Geoff Phillips★★★★★

"I've used the Zenith Breathalyser for over a year, and it has (potentially) saved me twice, and my partner once from driving with an excessive BAC"

Peter Wylie★★★★★

"Purchased the AlcoSense Verity based on the reviews read here. I myself found the service to be fantastic and the device is exactly as described."

Hank Hartel★★★★★

"The breathalyser I bought, a Zenith works perfect . And Andatech gives excellent service. Thank you for looking after me"

Peter Rosenfeldt★★★★★

"Great company to deal with. I am very happy with my new Verity breathalyser when I traded in my Alcosense pro for. I am very happy to give a full recommendation to Andatech."

Gia George★★★★★

"I love my breathalyser and it was my 2nd purchase from you. This device came to match the results measured by police gadget. You have an outstanding customer service too ... Hats off to your products and to your team!"

Steven McGachy★★★★★

"Now got my 2nd breathalyzer from Andatech first being the Zenith + and now the Alcosense Volt which i find superbly quick.
Good purchase."

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