Get your engine running in no time with the Hummer all-in-one military grade sparkless jump starter that doubles up as a power bank and an emergency strobe light


Compact but powerful, the range of certified Hummer lithium ion power bank jump starters provide up to 20 jump starts in a single charge. They are capable of jump starting vehicles up to 7.0L in engine size, making them an essential emergency tool for any vehicle owner- especially one with a dead battery. Each of our Hummer portable power bank jump starters comes with a built-in LED light- just in case of any emergencies or if you're stranded in a remote area.

Offering increased capacity storage, and doubling up as a power bank, each Hummer jump starter offers practical, convenient day-to-day use and travel. All you need to do to jump start your car with the Hummer Powerbank Jump Starter is to attach the jump starter cables to the positive terminal and the negative terminal by means of the usb connections to the usb hub. The power banks also come with a built-in led light, making your jump-starting experience safer and easier.

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Modelled on Hummer's robust and rugged style, Hummer Jump Starter Power Banks inherit Hummer's pedigree of multi-functionality, a common feature of military vehicles. Equipped with a built-in illuminating system, they can power a wide range of digital products, manifesting Hummer's supremacy in the field of automobile.



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