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KetoScan Mini Ketone Breath Meter

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The KetoScan Mini is a smart and portable ketone breath meter that measures the acetone levels in your breath to more accurately inform you of your body's state of ketosis, or fat burning. Paired with the KetoScan mobile app, you are able to track your ketone test results and synchronise to iOS Health, Samsung Health, and Google Fit to better reach your fitness goals.

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KetoScan Ketone Meter

The KetoScan is an electronic ketone tester that measures ketones in breath, specifically, the acetone concentration in your breath. As the relationship between breath acetone concentration and ketosis are closely correlated, the KetoScan makes an excellent device for accurately measuring ketones in a convenient and reliable way.

3-second breath ketone analyser

To use the KetoScan, simply take a breath, then breathe out into the device. The result is displayed after blowing into the ketone breath analyser for just 3 seconds. The KetoScan's highly sensitive flow-rate sensor ensures accurate results.

Highly sensitive ketone sensor

The highly precise acetone sensor of the Ketoscan Mini is unique to other breath sensors in that it is 10 times more sensitive to ethanol, and 50 times more sensitive to hydrogen (generated in the intestines) than other sensors are. It is designed to detect acetone, and ignore other gasses that could contaminate the results.

KetoScan Ketone Meter

The more fat is metabolised into energy, the higher the levels of breath ketones there are. With the KetoScan Mini, you can monitor and track your progress in actual numbers and make improvements on fat loss. FDA-approved as well, the KetoScan Mini is the best ketone meter choice for anyone on a Paleo, Ketogenic or Low Carb diet wanting to monitor their fat burning progress with quantitative data!

Measures up to 99 PPM

Accurately measures breath acetone concentration at 100 resolutions (0.0~99) using a PPM (Part Per Million) measurement. The KetoScan provides you with 13 levels of ketone test results that are simple and easy to understand. Check out the Ketone Levels Chart at the bottom of this page.


Smart self-diagnosis

The highly sensitive acetone sensor in the KetoScan is protected with self-diagnostics for sustainable, long term use. To maintain itself as an accurate ketone meter, the KetoScan Mini also notifies you when a sensor replacement or calibration is required (after 300 tests - the device will lock after 320 tests) to prevent itself from providing inaccurate results.


KetoScan Mobile App

The KetoScan Mini can be paired with its very own KetoScan mobile app, where all ketone test results from your ketone meter can be tracked daily, weekly and monthly right from your smartphone. Additionally, you can add your food consumption, track calorie intake and synchronise the app with iOS Health, Samsung Health and Google Fit - making it an excellent all-in-one health app to help you reach your fitness goals.

diet, health and ketone monitor app

No other diet apps are necessary to reach your fitness goals. Just blow into the ketone breath meter, get your score, leave comments, track calories, and take photos of what you ate - all within the KetoScan app.


Cautions before measurement

The KetoScan app will remind you to be cautious of the various factors that can affect your ketone test results. For example, avoid brushing your teeth, smoking, and eating foods 30 minutes before taking a ketone test for a more accurate breath acetone concentration.


How to check your ketone levels easily

The KetoScan simply requires a strong and steady blow to analyse your breath for ketone levels. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions on the KetoScan mobile app for accurate and consistent test results.


DetectS your breath flow-rate

The KetoScan ketone breath meter and the mobile app are connected seamlessly, so if your exhaled breath is insufficient, the mobile app will show a message and notify you when a re-test is needed.



Are you on an exercise program, or being coached on your dietary intake? You can send your ketone test results to your dietary coach, personal trainer, and even your physician.


Share your ketone results with friends

Share your results and stay motivated with your diet or fitness buddies. The KetoScan app displays weekly rankings between you and your friends, so you can motivate and even compete with each other to reach your goals.


Why get the KetoScan breath ketone meter?

Reliable and affordable method of measuring ketones with a breathalyzer breath test - fast and simple!

Check ketone levels in anytime and anywhere. All you need is to blow into the KetoScan Mini's electronic ketone tester for 3 seconds.

An excellent ketone monitoring device and app - Keep track of all results, historical data, and share results from your KetoScan mobile app.

Non-invasive ketone test - no need to pee onto a stick or prick your finger for blood! Measure ketones at home or in public easily.

Monitor ketosis and fat loss with valuable quantitative data while on a low carb or ketogenic diet.

Keep track of your fitness goals with food and calorie tracking via the KetoScan app! Stay motivated by adding friends and completing achievements.

1 Year Australian Warranty

Get 1 year local warranty covered by Andatech Distribution - KetoScan's official authorised distributor in Australia

A Complete Ketone Test Kit for Anytime Use

Each KetoScan Mini Ketone Breath Test Kit comes with a user manual, carrying pouch, USB cable and 5 mouthpieces including a polythene pack for mouthpiece storage. A rechargeable battery is included with this ketone testing device so you can get started on taking a ketone breath test straight away.

KetoScan Mini's Ketone Levels Chart

The KetoScan Mini will display results as Ketosis levels 0 to 10, based on the breath acetone concentration detected. The best ketone meter reading is Level 10, which is the optimum level of ketosis at 10ppm of breath acetone concentration. Level 0 shows that your body is not producing any breath acetone, and therefore your body is not in ketosis (early ketosis starts at 2ppm). On the other hand, if the KetoScan Mini shows up with levels "Caution" and "Danger", then it has detected an excessive level of ketosis, which can be dangerous. Refer to the KetoScan's Ketone Level Charts below for more information on how to understand your KetoScan ketone test readings.

Sensor type: High resolution acetone gas sensor

Results indication: PPM (Parts per million)

Display resolution: 0.1 PPM until 10 PPM / 1 PPM above 10 PPM

Display range: 0.0 ~ 99 PPM

Accuracy range: +/- 0.5 PPM @ <5 PPM / +/0 10% @ > 5 PPM

Warm up time: 45 seconds

Results time: 5 seconds

Power source: Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (included)

Number of tests on a full charge: At least 50 tests

Sensor replacement interval: After 320 tests (300 tests + 20 before device is locked)

Mouthpiece: Built-in mouthpiece / disposable mouthpiece

Size: 54 x 110 x 18.5mm

Weight: 74g

Storage / Working temperature: 5~50°C / 10~40°C

Certification: FDA Class I

What is the KetoScan's self diagnosis feature?

The KetoScan ketone machine utilises a patented self diagnosis technology. If the equipment has not been in use for a period of time, gas lingering around the house may enter the equipment, changing the zero-point (base line) of the sensor and as a result affecting the measurement accuracy. KetoScan's patented technology is able to perform a self check on the equipment status during the measurement preparation stage, and if it decides that the zero-point is incorrect, it does not show the measurement after a blow by the user, but uses respiration gas of the user for zero-point adjustment and requires another measurement again. Self-diagnosis operates automatically and according to the situation, so even if it occurs frequently, it is not that the equipment function has degraded, but rather it is for more precise measurements.


What is a sensor refill?

To measure ketone levels with acetone, the KetoScan needs to detect PPM levels at extremely low concentrations, so a very sensitive sensor is required. If you use the sensor frequently, it will be inevitably contaminated by foreign objects mixed in with the respiration, which requires readjustment of the precision of the device through the means of a calibration. Please note that calibration does not fix or adjust the sensors, so a sensor refill service is required to replace the old sensor. The device will display a message recommending a sensor refill after usage of 300 times, and it will automatically lock the use of the device after 320 measurements.


How do I get the sensor refills?

Contact Andatech to purchase them.


How do I replace the disposable mouthpieces? How many times can I use one disposable mouthpiece?

The KetoScan comes with 5 disposable mouthpieces. You can purchase additional mouthpieces from Andatech.

There is a sliding built-in mouthpiece for personal use. However, if multiple users use the same device, then it is highly recommended to use the disposable mouthpieces for hygienic purposes.

The disposable mouthpieces are designed for one-time use only but can be re-used if you rinse it with running water and dry it thoroughly before re-using them. Make sure they are clean and dry before use, otherwise you will damage the KetoScan's sensor.


Do I get different results on a ketone blood test versus a ketone breath test?

The results will not be the same. The main reason is because blood testing measures BHB and it is expressed in mMol, whereas the Ketoscan mini's breath tester measures acetone concentration which is expressed in PPM (Parts Per Million). Two types of meters measure the two different ketone-bodies so it could not be compared 1:1. Breath testing result shows more precisely and is able to show a smaller amount of ketone state from your breath compare to blood testing.
If you have blood readings from 0.5 to 3.0 mMol, then Ketoscan mini will show from earlier state to optimal level of ketosis with PPM resolutions. For the detail of PPM level for each ketosis state, please check the our ketones level chart guide under the Product Description.

What are ketones and ketosis?

Ketones, also known as 'ketone bodies', are byproducts of the body breaking down fat for energy. Ketones and ketoacids are alternative fuels for the body that are made when glucose is in short supply. They are made in the liver from the breakdown of fats. Ketones are formed when there is not enough sugar or glucose to supply the body's fuel needs. This occurs overnight, and during dieting or fasting.

For a person without diabetes, this process of ketosis doesn’t become an issue. In fact, ketosis is beneficial for those wanting to lose weight as if effectively helps to burn fat for energy. However, when you have diabetes, you can build up too many ketones in your blood -- and ketone levels that are too high can become life-threatening (a condition called ketoacidosis).


How do you measure ketones?

Ketone bodies are composed of 3 ingredients: acetone, β-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetic acid.

There are three ways to measure ketones in your body:

1. Urine sticks – measures the levels of Acetoacetic acid - cheap and easy to use, but not very accurate.
2. Breath meters – measures the levels of acetone in breath - more accurate than urine sticks and affordable.
3. Blood ketone meter – measures β-hydroxybutyrate through blood - the most accurate method available but very expensive.


What are breath ketones?

Breath ketones are a helpful indicator of your body's level of ketosis.

When you are in ketosis or body fat lipolysis, acetone is released as a by-product and is detectable in your breath. As body fat lipolysis progresses faster, the amounts of ketone in your body increases. This allows us to find out how fast body fat lipolysis is occuring by measuring the amount of ketone bodies produced by our body. In the case of ketone breath meters, the amount of acetone in breath is measured.

Unlike other methods such as urine strips or blood tests, breath ketone levels do not depend on fluid logistics, minerals or vitamins. The more fat is metabolised into energy, the more breath ketones there are.


Which is the best ketone meter method?

There are various pros and cons of each method of measuring ketones. Here is a simple breakdown for each of them - we hope it helps!

Measuring Ketones in Urine


  • Inexpensive
  • Widely available
  • Non-invasive



  • Less accurate in measuring ketone production and breakdown
  • Accuracy can further decrease when the body adapts to excreting fewer ketones in urine
  • Does not quantify how "deep" you are in ketosis

Measuring Ketones in Breath


  • Affordable
  • Free once you purchase the device (no consummables such as test strips)
  • Non-invasive and convenient



  • Less accurate than blood testing in measuring ketone production and breakdown
  • Measures acetone, a metabolic waste product, providing readings that relate well only to low blood ketone levels (not suitable for diabetic users monitoring BHB levels)

Measuring Ketones in Blood


  • Most accurate way to measure ketosis in mmol/L (mM)
  • Measures BHB, the preominant ketone in the body, rather than acetoacetate or acetone



  • Expensive to purchase and keep using (test strips)
  • Invasive - must provide finger prick blood sample for each ketone test

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