SolarCam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

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Protect the safety of your family, home, or business with the innovative SolarCam Smart Outdoor Wireless Security Camera. The Solarcam acts as an excellent outdoor wireless security camera as it is completely wire-free, works day and night, and is self-sustainable just with solar charging. Complete with a mobile phone app, large internal memory space, motion detection, custom settings, video recording and night vision, the Solarcam is everything you need in an outdoor wireless security camera to monitor your property and keep it safe and secure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Phillip H.
Still learning the Solar Cam

Great idea in principle but having Great trouble understanding the app and getting playbacks. Still experimenting but the app leaves something to be desired. Also doesn’t seem to detect movements in the daytime. Perhaps with more experience it’ll work ok.

Ferdinand G.
good camara - app only available in Australian google play

easy to set up.
mounting bracket does not allow for adjustment to slightly out of place green expansions, which always happens if you drill into concrete.

Duncan W.
Great product

I bought a Second device recently as so pleased with the first one. Great video quality and no cables.
The app lets it down sometimes but once logged in can view from anywhere.

Mr. b.j.
at the moment i cant

at the moment i cant get the notifications to work on my iphone, i rang on wednesday and was told that they were looking into the matter and would ring

Summary, average performance from what could be a great product.

Bought some for trial, installed 3 at home, 5 on the boats dock. Setup is OK but the apps name is "Doby" which is confusing, no mention of "Solarcam" on App Store. Once the camera is asleep, it takes too long to wakeup, so the person who triggered the motion (PIR) s out of video range and the 30s recording misses the event. I was under the impression the video was upload to a cloud, but it remains on the camera's card. Needs strong WIFI to work reliably, a few glitches disappeared when the signal strength was improved. Sent email to Andatech with all this months ago and never got a reply. When looking at the video playback, it would start from the earliest recording, not most recent so took a while to get to what you wanted to see, FFWD and skip dont work as it has to finish the current playback before moving on. Video playback would not goto full screen on IOS, The Solacam appears very solid and well made, we are in tropics, near the ocean, high humidity and heat, interested to see how long they survive. Been in for 6-7 months so far and apart from the above, still working. Recently the Doby app started crashing when looking at playback or realtime (IOS 11.1.2)

Roz H.
I can't get it working

It only works at my house not at gate

Adrienne C.
Convenient and easy to use

Purchased a couple of these from the Home Expo after careful consideration. Just like the sales guy said, it was easy to setup and install after reading the manual. The app is straightforward and settings allow me to adjust them to my in/out schedule, which is very useful. I have in front of my house and another for the backyard. Really helps put my mind at ease especially as I'm out of the house often, and I let my dogs out in the backyard and want to make sure they're behaving while I'm away. I really liked that this didn't need me hiring an electrician, buying batteries, or installing wiring. I can definitely see how it saves money and trouble. But you do need a good wifi signal and a drill. Overall a good product and worth buying if you want something easy to install and maintain.


An excellent product. Being solar powered means I can install it in a remote location with no power. The image quality is high res' and when used with the iPhone app allows me to monitor my home when at work or away.