Gadget Guy Reviews our MedSense TFE02 and DT060

by Eugene Ng    

MedSense TFE-02 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

You would expect any infrared thermometer to work! But let me tell you, there are a lot of Chop Suey cheapies that don’t. Andatech MedSense infrared thermometers work very well and entered in the ARTG No. 333214 and ARTG No. 336050.

ARTG is the Australian Register of Therapeutic goods, and so far, nearly all the thermometers we have been ‘begged’ to review are not.

ARTG means that the MedSense Infrared Thermometers gives clinical-grade accuracy as a Class IIa digital or infrared thermometer.

Medsense Infrared thermometers – COVID contactless temperature detection
The normal human temperature range is from 36.5-37° – anything outside that upper range is a fever indicator. If it is up around 39-40°+, they probably should be in a hospital.

The problem is that 36.5-37° is a precise range, and you need accurate devices that are not affected by the environment as well.

We tested a range of devices against the MedSense Infrared thermometers at our local cafes and found three things:

1. Some cheap ones only had a green-or-red LED for in-range and out-of-range.

2. Some took as long as 10 seconds to get a result and were not good as recovery times were long

3. Without fail, they delivered different results from the two MedSense devices. The MedSense devices gave the same results as an under-tongue reading with a hospital-grade thermometer.

4. And none had an ARTGA ID on them

You can search the ARTGA register here by brand name, model or ARTGA number. In the case of MedSense, the brand is Andatech that also distribute breathalysers and other health items. Importantly the approval has no special conditions placed on MedSense use – anyone can use it.

So as John Law’s used to say, “Oils ain’t oils’ or in this case, thermometers ain’t always accurate."

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Eugene Ng

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