How to Improve Air Quality While Working from Home

How to Improve Air Quality While Working from Home

I'm sure that all of you must miss the feeling of the great outdoors, wandering around outside, meeting your mates for a pint at the pub, and all sorts of other activities that you engaged in pre-pandemic. Regardless, this the reality in which we face, and we at Andatech know how you feel- especially since we're all working from home (the writer of this article is doing the same as well), but do not fret! We'll give you some tips on how to improve your indoor air quality while you're working from home!


Keep Your Workstation Clean

First and foremost, you should always keep the area in which you're working clean. A clean indoor environment reduces dust and mold levels. You should vacuum your carpet, rugs, and upholstery; you also need to clean curtains, windows, drapes, and clear any desk clutter (like stacks of paper, stacks of books, cables, etc.). This should reduce the amount of allergens prevalent in an indoor space, and allow you to keep on working without constant sneezing, or an irritated nose.


Store Food Items Promptly, and Dispose of Garbage

Food attracts pests, and they can also generate unpleasant odours when going rancid. Ensure that you’re disposing of kitchen garbage regularly, and that everybody within your household are storing their food properly. This also requires that you do regular refrigerator and kitchen maintenance/ cleanups (disinfecting dining areas, promptly disposing of food that has gone or is going bad, etc).


Open Your Windows

Try to circulate your home, and get as much fresh air as possible. If your workspace has windows, make sure you crack them open (weather permitting). Open windows also help flush out stale air.


Maintain and Change Your Air Filters

Air filters need require regular maintenance and replacement. This entails regular maintenance to keep your filters clean, and changing them when required (usually between6-12 months). Clogged and dusty filters reduce airflow, which increases the amount of allergens and pollutants in an enclosed environment. If you have an Ionmax Air Purifier, do refer to our Air Purifier FAQs for any troubleshooting issues.


Invest in Products That Suits Your Needs

Working from home is tough, and the air quality isn't particularly good, unless you follow most of the above steps. Either way, enclosed spaces are never as great as the outdoors, but you can try to make it better. Have a look at our Work From Home Range, and work from home in comfort today!

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