Mobileye on Channel Ten News

by Vivien Mah    

Mobileye on channel 10 news

Channel Ten News recently did a news story on the Mobileye as a new driver safety technology. The Channel Ten news team got to see the Mobileye in action during the demo given by Michael Hirsh (from Mobileye) at our headquarters in Vermont.

Mobileye, dubbed as the “third eye on the road” provides drivers with life-saving alerts as it continually scans the road ahead for potential dangers and can detect vehicles, lanes, pedestrians and cyclists.

The Mobileye is already gaining national recognition as an advanced driver awareness system for road safety and driver safety, as it’s already being used by UNSW researchers in Australia’s largest road safety study on driver behaviour.

Perfected after years of heavy research and development, Mobileye’s driver awareness technology has been adopted as a standard safety feature by leading automotive manufacturers including Volvo, BMW and General Motors. The Mobileye is also used by various companies worldwide to reduce road accidents and improve driver behaviour in their fleet.

Coca Cola Hellenic, one of the world’s largest bottlers of products of the Coca-Cola company, has been using Mobileye technology as its fleet safety program for the past few years and even won the International Fleet Safety of the Year award in 2010. Mr. Kis, the Fleet Support Manager at Coca Cola Hellenic selected Mobileye’s systems after a 19 week pilot with outstanding outcomes, including zero crashes, improved driver behaviour and substantial savings in gasoline.


A transcript of the video is included below:

Once the domain of luxury cars, everyday motorists can now access a high-tech safety system to keep them on the straight and narrow.


Road safety experts say its the next step in helping to lower the nation’s road toll.


Intelligent and intuitive, the system dubbed “the third eye” can help save lives.


A camera attached to a computer and a dash display to alert the driver if they leave a lane without indicating or when they’re too close to the car in front or if they fail to see a pedestrian.


“At the rate of 15 frames per second, our processor with our algorithms is evaluating what is happening,” said Michael Hirsh from Mobileye.


Developed by an Israeli company, the device can be retrofitted to cars and road accident experts believe it could have a significant impact on the road toll.


In the first three months of this year, 316 people died on Australian roads, a lapse in concentration a major factor.


“Possibly as high as 50-60% of crashes could have distraction or inattention as a contributing factor,” said Assoc Professor David Logan from Monash University.


“It doesn’t take much at all for the most simple mistake to end as tragedy,” said Inspector David Griffin from Victoria Police.


The device is also proving critical in gaining a better understanding of driver behaviour. It’s being used in an Australian first study for the University of New South Wales.


“All this technology does not eliminate the responsibility of drivers and operators to pay attention,” Inspector Griffin added.


The smart device can cost up to $1700.


Mobileye is the only comprehensive Advanced Driver Awareness System available in Australia for aftermarket installation. It offers crucial alerts to all drivers, helping to improve driving habits and improve driver behaviour using visual and audio alerts without being a distraction in the car.

Mobileye addresses one of the primary causes of vehicle accidents – driver inattention.

Consisting of an intelligent camera system that utilises vehicle, lane and pedestrian detection technologies, the Mobileye measures the distance to other vehicles, lane markings and pedestrians. It provides drivers with important and often life-saving visual and audio alerts to help them avoid a collision before it happens. By providing real-time feedback to the driver, the Mobileye continually reinforces good driving behaviour and helps reduce the risk of collision.

In light of recent research and findings on the increasing prevalence of driver distraction and its link to crashes, there is an even greater need for a safety device such as the Mobileye.

Find out more about the Mobileye online or contact us to learn more.

 Mobileye - Advanced Driver Awareness System


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