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Introducing the New Ionmax ION390

by Vivien Mah    

Introducing the New Ionmax ION390 - Andatech Distribution

We are constantly working towards developing better products for our consumers, and we are proud to announce that we are currently in the process of developing a new air purifier, the Ionmax ION390, to fill the gap left by its predecessor.


One of our older air purifier models, the Ionmax ION388 enjoyed many years of success among our customers, but we received some requests for an even better air purifier with faster air movement and better dust collection.

Taking our customers’ feedback into consideration, we decided to develop a new air purifier that has all the great benefits of the ION388 but with better, improved functions to greatly enhance air purification.

The new Ionmax ION390 Air Purifier will be able to filter particles such as hair, smoke, pollen and dust, and eliminate odours, mildew, fungus, and smoke.

It includes a built-in ioniser and a UV lamp to kill airborne bacteria and viruses, and has user-friendly features such as a remote control, auto-switch off functions, and a dust sensor monitor.

Check out the brochure for the new ION390 below for more information.

Check out the Ionmax 390 here:

Vivien Mah

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