Ionmax Serene ION138 + Art Of Scent Essential Oils Bundle

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Spoil yourself with this special bundle set, featuring the brand new Ionmax Serene aroma diffuser and essential oils gift pack! Perfect for the home and the office:

- Ionmax Serene Multifunctional Aroma Diffuser ION138 - Functions as an aroma diffuser, clock, alarm, and night light! Worth $95

- Art of Scent Essential Oils Pack. Consists of 4 bottles of 100% Pure Essential Oils in Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil and Mandarin

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

The Ionmax Serene ION138 is not just an aroma diffuser...

Negative Ioniser

The Ionmax Serene also produces negative ions like those found near beaches, waterfalls, or after a storm. This recreates the feeling of refreshing, clean, natural air indoors.

Air Humidifier

By producing ultrasonic mist, the Serene also helps to reintroduce moisture into the air to help you maintain a comfortable humidity level in your home.

Multiple Functions

The Ionmax Serene can also be used as a clock, alarm clock, and has a timer of up to 180 minutes.


The unit can be set to an alarm, where it will sound an alert for 60 seconds before switching the aroma diffuser and LED lights on.

LED Time Display


Set the timer to 30, 60, 120 or 180 minutes.

Ultrasonic Technology

The advanced ultrasonic technology produces vibrations at high frequency to turn water into mist, creating a soothing and therapeutic atmosphere.

It's also a safer method of aromatherapy compared to conventional methods of aroma burners or incense burners.

Use with essential oils

Just add 3 to 5 drops of your favourite essential oils to the water tank. Your favourite scents will soon fill your home and heart with serenity.

A full tank can last up to 7 hours!

Easy-to-use soft touch control panel

Colour-Changing LED Lights

The soft colour-changing LED Lighting creates a wonderful tranquil ambience to enjoy.

Choose between auto colour changing mode, or individual colours (red, green, purple, and blue), or switch it off completely.

Suitable For the whole family

Great for the living room, bedroom, children's or baby's room, study room and office desk.

Model No.


Input Voltage

AC: 220-240V, 50Hz

Power Consumption


Humidification Rate

14ml/hr (7 hours on a full tank)

Tank Capacity


Coverage Area

15 sqm

Negative Ion Output


Product Weight

0.43 kg


H: 162mm, D: 116mm, W: 112mm


1 year

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