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Ionmax Ray ION801

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Enjoy warmth at home or in the office with the Ionmax Ray. As it doesn't circulate or produce warm or hot air, the Ionmax Ray will not dry out indoor air or cause common uncomfortable issues during the cold or winter season. Instead, the Ionmax Ray FIR heater warms your body up instantly, giving you a comfortable sensation of warmth like the sun.

Instant sense of warmth from Far Infrared (FIR) heating

Infrared is an invisible radiant energy; electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light.

Feel warmth like the sun

The Sun generates infrared heat through the combustion of gases, and this infrared energy passes heat directly through space to warm the surface of the earth. So even on a cold day, objects and people are warmed by the heat radiated by the sun even though the surrounding air may be cold.

Enjoy efficient, targeted heating

4 ~ 14μm Far Infrared thermal waves easily penetrate and warm up your body, not the surrounding air.

Suits rooms of all sizes

Feel warm faster in your home, especially in larger living areas. No need to wait for the entire space to get warm.

Low noise operation

Just 15~30 db (equivalent to the sound of rustling leaves or a whisper)

Ever wondered why
in winter, a room at 20ºC feels cold but
in summer, the same room at 20ºC feels hot?

The answer is Far Infrared (FIR) radiation (waves).

Windows allow large amounts of FIR radiation from the sun to enter a room in summer, but in winter there is less FIR radiation available from the Sun.

In summer, walls, floors, and objects in the room warm up and emit FIR waves that your body feels as heat. In winter, the same objects tend to be much cooler and therefore emit much less FIR radiation, so your body feels colder even though the air temperature is the same.


An electric infrared heater produces FIR radiation (waves) that replace the FIR radiation normally missing in winter, allowing a feeling of warmth.

This can translate into energy savings as it is possible to feel warm at lower room temperatures, reducing the load on area or whole home heaters (ducted).

Since the Ionmax Ray produces FIR radiation, not warm air, it is even possible to get these benefits in rooms with large ceilings or with drafts that otherwise make using standard room heaters ineffective or too costly to operate.

Common issues with traditional heaters

As the cold weather moves in, humidity levels naturally drop. That’s because cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air. However, dry winter air combined with the use of a traditional heater that produces warm air can cause indoor humidity levels to drop substantially to unhealthy levels. With this humidity imbalance come a number of potential problems that can affect your health, your home and especially your comfort.

Traditional Heaters

Slow and inefficient heating, especially in larger spaces.

Dry air problems.

Spreads allergens from warm air produced.

Damage furnishings.

Static electricity from low indoor humidity.

More expensive - consumes more electricity per hour.

Far Infrared (FIR) Heaters (Electric Infrared Heaters)

Feel warm faster in larger spaces.

No dry air problems.

Doesn't spread allergens.

Does not damage furnishings.

No heated air, maintains humidity levels.

Save money and energy with efficient heating.

inefficient heating

Slow and inconsistent, especially in large spaces- unlike far infrared products.

dry air problems

Low humidity and warm air contribute to dry skin, dry eyes, cracked lips, and other breathing problems. It's also easier to get sick when nasal passages are dried out as they're less able to filter out bacteria and viruses.

spreads allergens

Traditional heaters that produce warm air can kick up clouds of allergens such as dust and pollen into the air, wheres far infrared products do not.

damage furnishings

Dry air can pull moisture from indoor plants and wooden structures and furniture in the home, causing creaky hardwood floors, walls and door jamb shifts, and damage to musical instruments and wooden furniture.

more expensive

Traditional heaters generally consume more electricity per hour, and some types of heaters require regular maintenance as well.

Check out the comparison graph below to see operating costs!

static electricity

Low indoor humidity builds up static electricity around the home e.g. blankets and clothes sticking together, and electric shocks when touching doorknobs or metal surfaces. Ouch!

Operating costs for different heater types

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Adjust the heater settings to your liking, with a timer for up to 9 hours, and 9 levels of heat intensity.

Versatile Tilt

Target any area or direction in a room with the Ionmax Ray's versatile tilting adjustments.

User-Friendly Design

Thoughtfully designed to make operating the heater easier, with a top handle for lifting and moving the heater, and to make adjustments to the heater's tilt angle. Power cord holders allow you to set the unit aside safely when not in use.

Perfect for the Home or Workplace

Enjoy warmth at home or in the office with the Ionmax Ray- from our range of far infrared products. As it doesn't circulate or product warm / hot air, the Ionmax Ray will not dry out indoor air or cause common uncomfortable issues during the cold or winter season. The Ionmax Ray FIR heater warms your body up instantly, not the air.

In the bedroom

Wake up every winter morning feeling warm and refreshed. No more dry skin, eyes, nose and throat, and no more cracked lips from the dry, hot air the traditional heaters product.

In the living room

Feel warm faster in your home, especially in larger living areas. No need to wait for the entire space to get warm. Plus, you'll avoid drying out your plants from dry air!

In the office

Your own personal electric infrared heater that warms you up,, not the entire office. Saves energy, fast heating, and easy to control to your own liking.

In the warehouse / garage / shed

The electric infrared heater warms you up instantly in large, cold spaces where traditional heaters would take hours (and a lot of energy) to warm up the air.

Comprehensive Features

The Ionmax Ray FIR heater eliminates the common problems found with conventional heaters such as dry air, slow heating, noisy fans, and dangerous heating elements.

Efficient and targeted heating

Innovative FIR technology warms you up, not the air

Suits rooms of all sizes

Low Noise Operation

Just 15~30 db (equivalent to the sound of rustling leaves or a whisper)

1 Year Warranty

Model No. ION801
Voltage 200-240V, 50Hz
Power Rating 200-1200W, 9 level adjustment
Heater Level -

Approximate Wattage

Level 1 - 200W

Level 2 - 320W

Level 3 - 440W

Level 4 - 560W

Level 5 - 690W

Level 6 - 810W

Level 7 - 930W

Level 8 - 1050W

Level 9 - 1170W

Timer 1 - 9 hour setting, automatic switch-off at 10 hours
Heating Elements 2 far infrared ceramic coating sheath heaters (Average emissivity over 0.9)
Auto Swing 70°
Manual Rotate 60°
Tilt Angle Smooth 10° downward to 30° upward
Noise Level 15 ~ 30dB
Dimensions 354 (width) x 318 (depth) x 729 (height) mm
Weight 6.1 kg
Warranty 1 year

Ionmax Ray ION801 Far Infrared Heater
User Manual

Ionmax Ray ION801 Far Infrared Heater

All About Far Infrared Heating (FIR Heating)

Ionmax Ray ION801 Far Infrared Heater

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Ionmax Ray ION801 - Far infrared heater
Ionmax is excellent
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Ionmax Ray ION801
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