Ionmax ION330 Filter Set

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This ION330 Replacement Filter Set consists of 2 HEPA filters, 2 activated carbon filters, 2 photocatalyst filters, as well as 3 aromatherapy pads.

Each replacement cycle for the ION330 just requires 1 HEPA filter, 1 carbon filter, and 2 photocatalyst filters.

This ION330 Replacement Filter Set includes an extra set of HEPA filter and carbon filter for the next round of replacement. Note that the photocatalyst filters do not need to be replaced each time.

Refer to your Ionmax ION330 Air Purifier manual for instructions on replacing the filters.

Customer Reviews

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Replacement filter set for ION330 Purifier

I purchased the replacement filter set so that I would be ready for when it is needed. The good thing about the filter set is that there are actually two sets inside and wherever I happen to be when they are needed for my ION330 purifier, which I use in our motorhome, it will be easy to replace them. I am very happy.

Ionmax ION330 Filter Set

Easy to install, but a bit mistified as to why there were 5 filters when only 3 needed replacing. The unit is functioning well.

Postage Rip Off

Yes my ordered product did arrive OK however I was disgusted to find that I had had to pay $15 postage for a package which weighed a mere 144gm. I understand that you probably have categories whereby a parcel weighing between so much and so much costs the minimum amount and the lighter parcels subsidise the heavier ones etc. However I have revceived much heavier parcels than this one for a postage charge of $4.99 and know that this amount would have more then covered the cost of postage for this parcel. $15 postage for this very light parcel was a total rip off. NOT HAPPY!!!!

Hi Berenice, Our $15 postage includes handling, packaging and shipping insurance. This provides extra safety to our customers should the parcel go missing during transit.

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