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Whitehorse News | March 2018 - Andatech Distribution

Andatech was featured in Whitehorse News this month under the "Think Local, Buy Local" section.

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The original article reads:

This month we focus on successful Vermont business Andatech Pty Ltd, manufacturer or safety and wellness devices including breathalysers, drug testing kits, dehumidifiers and air purifiers.

Award-winning Andatech is now 15 years old and has 17 employees.

The company offers service and support for their appliances and is proud to be part of the Think Local Buy Local campaign in Whitehorse.

Joey Natalie Teo, Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing, said that where possible, the company acquired resources locally, such as equipment, packaging, staff and marketing, in order to support the local business community.

Andatech offers Australia's widest range of personal breathalysers certified to Australian Standards, "making personal accountability more available and affordable for consumers," Joey said.

Joey said the local community's support and having the community "as our advocate" was essential to the company's success; Andatech returns this support by involvement in many local initiatives.

"We believe in giving back to the community and are truly delighted to support causes and organisations across the region as part of our 'community project'. The best part of all of this is the customers who buy from us are also helping us support these causes and projects."

Among the causes Andatech supports are the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal and Sea Shepherd Australia.

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Original scan: Andatech "Think Local Buy Local" in Whitehorse News March 2018

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