Car Safety Features – ANCAP lists Driver Awareness Systems in top 5

by Eugene Ng    

Car Safety Features – ANCAP lists Driver Awareness Systems in top 5 - Andatech Distribution

Car safety is gaining attention as more and more research bodies, car manufacturers and consumers focus on vehicle safety features for new and old cars.

The latest news by Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) discusses the top 5 most important car safety systems and says that while the build and structure of the car is the most important feature, additional technology should be used to increase safety.

Nicholas Clarke, chief executive of ANCAP, says

“If technology can help, we should use it… The more technology we can get into a car, and the less we rely on a driver, the better.”

ANCAP lists the top five safety systems as the following:

1 – Body strength

2 – Airbag and seatbelt restraints

3 – Stability control

4 – Automated emergency braking

5 – Driver awareness aids

“The fifth category is about a group of different technologies such as lane departure warnings, blind spot monitoring and driver fatigue sensors. That’s what really makes a great car today.”

An Advanced Driver Awareness System like the Mobileye fits right into ANCAP’s top 5 list of lifesaving car safety features as a driver awareness aid.

The Mobileye is a comprehensive driver awareness system that can detect vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, lanes and even speed signs to provide the driver with lane departure warnings, forward collision and pedestrian collision warnings, headway monitoring and warning, and speed limit indication.

Perfected after years of heavy research and development, Mobileye’s driver awareness technology has been adopted as a standard safety feature by leading automotive manufacturers including Volvo, BMW and General Motors.

“We shouldn’t be severely injured just because of a lapse in attention,” Mr Clarke says.

Driver inattention is one of the leading causes of road incidents in Australia. In fact, driver distraction is responsible for more car crashes than alcohol.

The Mobileye system directly addresses driver inattention and distraction.

Consisting of an intelligent camera system that utilises vehicle, lane and pedestrian detection technologies, the Mobileye measures the distance to other vehicles, lane markings and pedestrians. It provides drivers with important and often life-saving visual and audio warnings to alert them of potential dangers and collisions so that they can be avoided.

By providing real-time feedback to the driver, the Mobileye continually enhances the driver’s awareness of his/her surroundings, reinforces good driving behaviour and helps reduce the risk of collision.

Mobileye is the only comprehensive driver awareness system available for aftermarket installation in Australia and is suitable for cars, vans, buses, trucks and fleet vehicles.

Learn more about Mobileye in the video below:

Find out more about the Mobileye online or contact us to learn more.


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