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Advantages of owning and using a dash cam

Even when you think you have a full view of the road and your surroundings, there are times were we may miss minute details that may cause an accident. In these instances, a dash cam may very well come in handy when reviewing footage of the incident. Dash cameras may also be the solution in terms of settling disputes and claims, as well as tool to help you improve your driving. 

Here are some examples as to why a dash cam may be beneficial for you, and those around you:


1. First- hand evidence in the event of a road accident

This is one the foremost reasons why millions of car drivers have decided to invest their time and money in dash cams- simply put, the camera will start recording as soon as you start your car’s engine and it will provide efficient proof in real-time in the event of an accident.

In the event of an accident between your motor vehicle and another, you would be able to provide a video as to what happened, and whose fault it was. There are many unscrupulous people around, and they may take advantage of others by claiming that it was the other parties fault, when in all actuality- it wasn't. 

Dash cam videos are one of the strongest and most efficient forms of evidence you have for defending yourself in the event of an automotive accident. In the end, it is better to have a dash camera to stay on the safe side, as it can help you save a lot of time, money, and trouble in the long run.


 2. A dash cam is a great solution for road incidents and irresponsible drivers

Another important reason why you should consider buying a dash cam is because this will help you report undisciplined drivers. Every driver has had at least one bad encounter with a bad driver, throughout his “driving career”.

Not only are these reckless and irresponsible drivers very bothersome and annoying, but they may actually endanger others. This is where the dash cam can be incredibly useful: proving evidence against bad drivers. However, the dash cam can be utilised to report people acting against the laws, and committing traffic violations It can be used against drunk drivers, road rage issues, using the phone while driving, and many more reasons. 

Even if you are a good, experienced and professional driver who always sticks to the rules, there may be others who are disrespectful and irresponsible. These people can cause a major accident in the blink of an eye, and the dash cam will capture every detail of that event, and other events that takes place on the road.


 3. The dash cam is a perfect monitoring device

Are you worried that your child may randomly take your car for a joyride, even though you have told them not to do so? Do you own a taxi company or a car service, and you suspect that your drivers may be using the cars for personal interests? Maybe you have a company and you want to limit fuel consumption, but the mileage keeps adding up on your vehicles? If you face any of those reason, then a car dash cam would be a great investment for you. 

A dash cam would also be perfect if you constantly lend your car to your friends or relatives, or even if you want to monitor ongoings whenever you drop your vehicle off for a servicing or repair. It's perfectly understandable to be concerned about your car and it's integrity, especially since it may very well be one of your most valuable possessions. 

Our DriveSense Ranger and Ranger Duo dash cameras come with a simple GPS that can attached magnetically, so therefore in addition to recording every single detail that takes place outside the car, the dash cam will also record the driving speed, as well as the different street routes taken.



 4. You are able to record incidents while your car is stationary

A well-installed dash camera can efficiently record vandals who are trying to break into your car, especially if you use to leave your vehicle unattended in public places, or in areas that are poorly lit. One of the greatest advantages of our Ranger dashboard cameras is that it will automatically turn on if your vehicle experiences any sudden movement, such as being hit. 


5. You can negate fraudulent car related insurance claims

Insurance fraud is one of the most common problems of the 21st century, when it comes to vehicles and traffic. Not only does the fraud affect insurance companies on a large scale, but it actually takes its toll on car drivers (the honest ones!) as well.

Simply put, some drivers purposely cause car accidents just to put the blame on the other party, in order to extort money from the victim. This is a widely used fraud practice nowadays, where those who commit it usually look for high-end car drivers to extort.

Many car accidents aren't clear cut. If there is any doubt over fault and if it's your word against theirs, footage recorded by a dash cam can help to resolve the dispute quickly. If the footage proves the other party was at fault, you may not have to pay your excess, or if you've already paid, your excess may be reimbursed.

The evidence could also help in protecting your no claims bonus (NCB). As dash cams become more common, they could lower car insurance premiums, reduce theft, and help deter insurance fraud.


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