Choice Consumer Review | April 2017

Choice Consumer Review | April 2017

Dehumidifier Reviews

Last tested: April 2017

In hot humid summers and cold wet winters, a dehumidifier can help fix a damp home. We lab test and review dehumidifiers to help you find the best one for your home. Our buying guide will help you decide which type you need, and how we test explains our testing rigour and scoring method.

 We review both main types of dehumidifier; refrigerative and dessicant. Our review will help you decide:
  • what to buy
  • which dehumidifiers are best at removing water
  • which are the most energy efficient
  • which are the easiest to use.

Our rigorous testing sorts out which ones operate best in challenging conditions. We measure their real water removal rate and how much they'll cost you to run.

Originally published on Choice: Dehumidifier Reviews. Get the full report here.