Ionmax Dehumidifiers on the Top of CHOICE Reviews

by Vivien Mah    

Ionmax Dehumidifiers on the Top of CHOICE Reviews - Andatech Distribution

Our Ionmax ION632 and ION612 are among some of the best dehumidifier units out there, and we have a track record to prove it: placement within the top 3 units in the CHOICE consumer reviews for the past 7 years, and now we’ve made it to the top 2 units for 2019! 

In the new report, CHOICE reviewed 18 dehumidifiers to reveal which dehumidifier would perform the best at removing water, are the most energy efficient, and are the easiest to use and clean. Among the ION632 and the ION612, our ION610 was also reviewed. You may view the dehumidifier results here.  

Our Ionmax dehumidifiers took the top 2 spots during this year’s review, and the results are amazing- our ION632 and ION612 had the highest scores among all the dehumidifiers reviewed, and ION632 had highest water removal score on the list.  

The dehumidifiers were tested in a temperature- and humidity-controlled test chamber and three test ‘runs’ were conducted at different temperature and humidity combinations to reflect humid winter climates.

What are the CHOICE Consumer Reviews?

CHOICE is a consumer advocacy group, formed by consumers in 1959 during the explosion of mass consumer markets, with the sole intention of bringing consumers an unbiased viewpoint on products so that they would be able to purchase goods with product knowledge and confidence. 

As stated on the CHOICE website, “CHOICE is the public face of the Australian Consumers' Association, a nonprofit company limited by guarantee. We operate under a constitution, with an independent, skills-based Board that is responsible for the governance of the company.” You can read more about the history of CHOICE here

CHOICE has built their reputation on the strength of our rigorous and scientific testing of goods and services.

Since their testing process is the key to Australians' trust in them, they take their testing very seriously, and are very thorough in regards to it. Some of their measurements for testing is as follows: a dedicated team of testers, many of whom are experienced scientists. They pay retail price for all of the tested items, and they use a wide range of metrics such as durability, ease of use, and price- all the while remaining as independent during testing, and transparent with results.

Although CHOICE may be famous for testing washing machines, they put a variety of products to the test. Their team of experts tackle electronics, travel insurance, financial services, food products, baby products and much more.

Vivien Mah

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