Christmas Gift Ideas for Men – 5 Unique Gifts for Men

by Josephine Gan    

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Men

Buying gifts for men is always tricky – there are only so many ties, watches, shoes and sports-related stuff you can get for a guy. So why not get something more meaningful – something that your dad, husband, boyfriend or best mate will use all the time? Check out our top 5 gift ideas for men below – unique gifts that guys will definitely put to good use.


5. Breathalyzer

Alcosense Pro and Alcosense Zenith personal breathalyzers

A breathalyzer makes a very practical gift for guys, especially for those who love Friday night drinks.  It’s an even better gift to show that you care for his safety and will encourage safe driving among him and even his mates.

The AlcoSense Pro personal breathalyzer, for example, comes with mouthpieces and can be used among friends, providing accurate and quick readings when used in Fast Mode. The AlcoSense Zenith personal breathalyzer is another great model and can be purchased with a replaceable sensor module for quick and convenient breathalyser calibrations.


4. Air Purifiers

Ionmax ION330 portable air purifier

If the smell of socks, sweat, leftover pizza or cigarette smoke is a permanent feature in his car, bedroom or closet, or if house cleaning is nonexistent on his to-do list, you should definitely consider getting him an air purifier.

Air purifiers help to not only clean the air of dust and eliminate odours – they can also kill germs, viruses, and airborne allergens, and introduce clean and healthy air back into the room.

The Ionmax ION330 air purifier is perfect for cars and worskpaces. It’s small and compact and can be connected to a car’s 12V socket, and it uses 6 different air purification systems to efficiently filter out dust, smoke, germs, odours, and VOCs such as exhaust fumes.

The Ionmax ION390 Premium Home Air Purifier is ideal for medium to large rooms. This handy unit needs minimal maintenance, is quiet, and will look great in any room. It releases millions of negative ions to eliminate dust, irritants, allergens and bad smells from the air.


3. Ergonomic office chairs

Innochair ergonomic desk chair

If he spends the majority of his day at his desk, he would definitely benefit from an ergonomic office chair. These Innochair ergonomic office chairs help keep you comfortable while preventing headaches, back pains and bad posture.

Each Innochair is a fully reclining chair that also doubles as a massage chair and temporary bed chair. He can do sit-ups and stretches on the Innochair, and even take power naps in the office. Each chair has a fold-away foot rest that comes in extra handy when he wants to sit back and relax while enjoying a movie on his computer.


2. Mobileye

Driver distractions and fatigue affect all drivers and are an inevitable part of daily driving. If he’s always on the road or has a history of bad driving, then the Mobileye would be an amazing gift that will not only help to improve his driving habits but also help him drive safer at all times.

The Mobileye is an Advanced Driver Awareness System that can be installed in any vehicle. It consists of a smart camera that constantly monitors the road ahead and works as a “third eye” to reduce the risk of a collision. The Mobileye detects lanes, vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians and provides audio and visual warnings to alert the driver of a possible collision up to 2.7 seconds before it occurs.

Mobileye cleverly helps to counteract the inevitable bouts of distracted driving, and is a great gift for any driver regardless of age and experience.


1. Emperor 1510 Workstation

Emperor 1510 workstation

This is the ultimate Christmas gift any guy could ever receive. The Emperor 1510 Workstation is the future of high-end home and office computer work environments. Highly stylish and efficient, the Emperor Chair features versatile monitor mounts, LED lights, integrated BOSE sound system, and tilting upper section, seat, and adjustable leg rest.

The Emperor Chair can fit up to three 27″ monitors and is compatible with both MAC and Windows operating systems. If you’re looking for the ultimate guy’s gift that will blow his socks off, the Emperor 1510 Workstation is it.


Have even better unique gift ideas for men? Share it with us below!

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