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Green Power Juicer

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The Green Power Juicer comes ready with a range of attachments, including separate screens and pushers for use with fruits and vegetables. With the Plus model, you also get extra attachments for juicing tough ingredients such as wheatgrass and pine needles, and for making pasta or noodles. The Green Power can be used with a wider variety of ingredients compared to other juicers:

✔ Fruits including watermelon, pineapple, grapes, and oranges
✔ Hard vegetables such as celery, carrots, peppers, ginger, and radishes.
✔ Leafy greens including kale, parsley, spinach, cabbage
✔ Tough ingredients such as wheatgrass, barley grass, pine needles and aloe leaves*
✔ Seeds, for example sesame seeds
✔ Beans such as coffee beans and soy beans
✔ Nuts – to make nut milk or nut butter
✔ Mince meat and fish

*the attachment for this is only included with the Plus model

If you’re serious about nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle, the Green Power Juicer is the best juicer for you. Its versatility and ease of use coupled with smart features such as an automatic overheating thermostat and magnetic and bio-ceramic technology make the Green Power Juicer an irreplaceable appliance in the kitchen.


Magnetic and Bio-Ceramic Technology
The Green Power Juicer is designed with bioceramic powder and powerful Neodymium magnets with 4,200 Gauss in its twin gears, juice container, and pusher. These materials help to biologically activate the juice, restructuring them into hexagonal forms making them easier for our body to absorb. They also help to retain the flavours, nutrients and enzymes in the ingredients that the juicer process. The integrated ceramic panel and magnet in the juice container also help to retain the nutrients and enzymes in juice for a longer period of time (up to 72 hours).

Unique, Powerful Twin Gears
The twin metal gears work much more efficiently than blades, augers, or rotors. The twin gears mesh together at a clearance of a mere 0.1mm to gently crush, squeeze, and grind juice out from produce. This makes juicing fibrous vegetables and herbs like carrots and celery much more efficient without jamming or clogging.

The gears do not make contact with each other when in use, so there’s no friction between them. This removes the possibility of any metal scraps getting into the juice or pulp. The lack of friction between the metal gears also ensures that no heat is produced, and therefore the enzymes and nutrients in juice are retained. Additionally, because they are not sharp, they will last you for many years with proper use and care.

Designed based on a 3 way Bio Clean System

(1) Clean Mechanics

No harmful plastic or metallic particles are generated by the juicer itself, thanks to its exclusive twin gears that never come into contact with each other. The strong guide shafts keep the twin gears, screen, and discharging outlets in the correct positions at all times during operation, so that plastic and metal parts never touch.

(2) Nutrient-rich, pulp-free juice

The Greenpower produces bio-activated juice restructured in the hexagonal form by the juicer's extra strong Neodymium magnets and bioceramic powder. The resulting juice can retain its nutrients and enzymes for up to 72 hours, much longer than conventional juicers. The bio-activated juice is also easier for our bodies to absorb.


(3) Clean and quiet

The Green Power juicer is surprisingly quiet, operating at just under 60dB. Employing thermal protector with automatic switch off function, the juicer protects itself from overheating. And, it's made with recyclable, environmentally-friendly materials making it not only safe for you to use, but also safe for the environment.

Other Features

Highly Versatile
The Green Power Juicer is not just a juicer – it’s also a mincer and grinder. With the Plus model, you get additional attachments for making pasta and noodles, and for juicing wheatgrass, aloe leaves, and seeded fruits.

Separates Pesticides
The Green Power Juicer thoroughly juices all ingredients by mashing, crushing, and squeezing. This helps the juicer extract only pure, fresh juice while discharging any chemicals in the ingredients, such as pesticides.

Automatic Overheating Thermostat
An automatic motor thermostat is installed in the juicer to prevent the motor from overheating. This thermostat will automatically intercept the power in case of overheating due to excessive use, and will restart the machine when the temperature goes down.

Automatic Pulp Ejection
Two adjustable pulp inlet caps allow more efficient juice extraction from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Low Noise Operation
Operating at a speed of just 160 RPM, the Green Power Juicer’s twin gear motors generate incredibly little noise (less than 60 db) without compromising juice extraction and its other functions.

Convenient and Easy to Clean
With your convenience in mind, the Green Power Juicer was designed to be easy to operate and clean. The manual includes detailed instructions on how to assemble, use, and clean the juicer. The juicer has also been designed with a handle for easy transporting.

Model No. GPE1304
Power Consumption 120 W
Input Voltage AC 100 ~ 240V
Extraction Method Twin Gear Cold Press Juicer, 3 Way Bio Ceramic Magnetic Gear
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Speed in RPM (rotations per minute) 160 rpm
Motor 150 W (1/3 H.P)
Fuse N/A
Rated Usage 30 minutes
Standard Model

Feeding Chute Cover
Stainless Steel Pulp Container
Fresh Juice Container
Wooden Pusher
Fruit Pusher
Twin Gears
Cleaning Brush
Inlet Lid
Vegetable Screen (for soft and hard vegetables)
Fruit Screen (for apples, pears, watermelons, grapes, fruit ice bar, etc.)
Crush Screen (for fruit ice cream, fruit sorbet, crushing pepper and beans, peanut butter, grinding meat)
Pulp Discharge Case
Vegetable Cap
Fruit Cap
Video Instructions
Instruction Manual

Plus Model Greenpower Plus Accessories

All of the above, plus:
Multi-Purpose Twin Gears
Wheatgrass screen 
Fruit screen (for seeded fruits)
Pasta/Noodle Screen
Multi-Purpose Outlet
Pasta/Noodle Outlet
Nozzles x 4 (Wheatgrass, Grape with seed, Small Pomegranate, Orange)

Extra Features No
Cord Length N/A
Dimensions N/A
Warranty 12 year warranty on motor; 5 year warranty on parts

Green Power Juicer
User Manual

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