Droian Ergonomic Computer Workstation

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Immerse yourself in work or entertainment in ergonomically engineered luxury and comfort. The Droian's circular frame and dual monitor setup provides a shelter from visual distractions and offers privacy while you work, creating a distraction-free environment for the user.

Designed with genuine leather power seat, built-in seat warmer and cooler, and lumbar support, the Droian is the future of ergonomic computer workstations.

Created for better comfort and wellbeing

Built for heavy computer users, the Droian integrates thoughtful design, premium finishing, and ergonomics for a superbly comfortable and pleasant experience.

Ergonomically designed

Enables the neutral body posture, similar to that incorporated by NASA’s spaceship chairs (Anthropometry and Biomechanics Vol. 1, Sec. 3).
The neutral body posture is a comfortable working posture in which your joints are naturally aligned. This position reduces stress and strain on the muscles, tendons, and skeletal system and reduces your risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD).

The NEUTRAL BODY POSTURE incorporated in designing the spaceship chair by NASA (Anthropometry and Biomechanics Vol. 1, Sec. 3)

Fits two 27" monitors

Comes with a double monitor bracket which supports two monitors up to 27 inches each, up to 14kg in total.

Easy to mount with standard VESA mounting configurations
(75 x 75 or 100 x 100)

Adjust the monitors to your liking

Monitors can be adjusted to varying vertical and horizontal angles, and can also be rotated around the center

Integrated keyboard tray and ergonomic armrest

Minimises fatigue

The armrest is integrated with the keyboard tray and positioned lower than a regular table top in order to support the user’s arms at the same level as the keyboard, minimising wrist fatigue caused by bent wrists.

Allows easy access

Made with strong, reinforced plastic, the keyboard tray can be installed in either a left or right orientation, and can be rotated completely to one side for easy access in and out of the Droian workstation.

Comfortable at any angle

The keyboard tray is slightly tilted towards the user to allow easy typing even when seated leaning back.

Circular Support Frame

For the utmost comfort and to partially relieve back pressure, the Droian can tilt backward up to 35 degrees.

LED lighting

Three-level adjustable lighting for better visibility when working in dim lighting, or to use as charming interior lighting

Premium Powered Leather Seat

Posture adjustments

Adjustments up to 24cm backwards and forwards, and 4cm up and down

Recline 100 ~ 140°

Lean as far back as 140° while still maintaining the relative position of the monitor(s) with your eyes

Lumbar support

Adjust the extrusion level of the lumpar support to optimise the comfort of your back and spine

Genuine leather seat

Premium quality genuine leather seat for ultimate comfort and durability

Cool ventilation and heater

Ventilated seat provides heated or cooled air (adjustable to 3 levels) to warm you up or cool you down

Adjustable headrest

Headrest can be manually adjusted forwards and backwards (3 levels) or up and down (4 levels)

Easy adjustments

Switches located on the left of the seat makes adjusting your seat easy

Consolidate your Workspace

Small footprint

Reduce costs and optimise your workspace by shrinking the overall footprint of space in your home or office

Clean, cable-free workspace

Hide power and audiovisual cables are hidden in the Droian’s support pipes

Hidden compartment

Generous space of 350 x 420 x 110mm behind the front base cover of the Droian is enough to fit a PC or speaker sub-woofer

Premium Finish

Firm triangular steel base frame offers excellent stability

Anodised aluminium pipes for superior surface durability

X-bracing structure (used in construction) for maximum support reinforcement

3T aluminium pipes provide strong yet light monitor support frame

Anti-corrosion paint throughout

Mobility when you Work

The Droian workstation is easy to assemble and disassemble when needed.

Wheels at the front corners of the base enable easy positioning of the Droian forwards and backwards with just a slight lift and push from the back.

Award-Winning Design


Seoul International Invention Fair Silver Prize

KES Innovation Awards Best Design

Funded by the Government


Registration of broadcasting and Communication equipments


Patent registered in Korea

Patent pending in USA, EU and China

Includes the following accessories:

Monitor cover (colour options below)

HDMI cable

Keyboard tray (left or right access)

Power cable

Stereo cable

Also comes with...

Your Choice of Monitor Cover

A variety of colour options allows the Droian to blend in with your home or office interior.

The covers are made from high quality microfiber fabric that can be handwashed.

Colours: Black, White, Grey, Navy

Dual Monitor Bracket

Supports two monitors up to 27 inches each, up to 14kg in total

Standard VESA mounting configurations (75 x 75 or 100 x 100)

Rated Voltage Input: 220 ~ 240V AC
Output: 12V / 12.5A
Mountable Monitor

Up to 30" (single monitor configuration)

Up to 27" (dual monitor configuration)

Weight: Up to 14kg in total

[VESA spec. 75 x 75, 100 x 100] 

Average distance between monitor and the user's eyes 

600 mm

Maximum weight capacity


Material Genuine and synthetic leather, aluminium, steel, plastic, polyester
Weight approx. 65kg
Dimensions 1350 (L) x 1050 (W) x 1550 (H) mm
Warranty 1 Year

Droian Ergonomic Computer Workstation
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  • Delivery Cost: AUD$990 worldwide*
  • As this is a very bulky item, customers are advised to make their own arrangements for delivery to apartments or buildings with staircases or small lifts.
  • The delivery price excludes any customs and import duty imposed at the desination country (payable by the customer).
  • Please note the voltage input of this item is 220 ~ 240V AC.
  • *except the USA due to the difference in voltage input.
  • Item dimensions: 1350 (L) x 1050 (W) x 1550 (H) mm; Weight: approx. 65kg.

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Watch the official video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX7igBvGgUc 

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