AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Verity-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech

AlcoSense Verity

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Australian Standard AS3547 Certified for accuracy and reliability and features a unique, built-in hidden mouthpiece for personal breath testing. Compact and easy to use, the Verity comes in a variety of colours and is the perfect personal breathalyser for all users young and old.

The unit is ready to take a test

Lightning Fast Response

Use within 3 seconds from turning it on, and get your results within 10 seconds

Accurate Readings

Get alcohol-specific accurate BAC results with its fuel cell sensor

Quality Product

Rely on an Australian Standards AS3547 Certified breathalyser with a three-year warranty

handling made easy

Use anywhere, store inside your pocket, bag, or car with its hassle free design

Designed for your needs

Use the hidden built-in mouthpiece for personal use or share with a friend using any of the free additional mouthpieces

Reliable BAC readings whenever you need it

Verity redefines on-demand accurate results. It is powered by an advanced fuel cell sensor that measures your breath sample for alcohol content and assures you of alcohol-specific results unaffected by other substances. The sensor also measures breath flow and volume exhaled, and warn you with a "FLO" error message if not enough breath sample is provided. The AlcoSense Verity breathalyser is also proudly Australian Standard AS3547 Certified, meaning it has passed accuracy and reliability tests.


Drive with an informed decision with a quality product

The slim and compact Verity is easy to bring around, fitting easily into your pocket, handbag or car glovebox compartment.

A breathalyser designed with YOU in mind

Fun colours

Express yourself with the Verity's colourful range. Choose from navy, blue or white. Great for all ages, genders, and personalities.

Note: Pink, beige, green colours have been discontinued.

Built-in Mouthpiece

There's no need to carry around loose mouthpieces or risk misplacing them. The Verity's built-in retractable mouthpiece means you can use the Verity for personal testing, without needing an extra mouthpiece. Just keep some loose mouthpieces to use if you want to test friends or family.

Accessories included

Eliminates Subjective BAC Interpretation

The Verity breathalyser's accuracy margin of ±0.005%BAC puts its reliability on par with industrial breathalysers that use fuel cell sensor technology.

Calibration reminders

A built-in calibration alert informs you when the unit has taken over 1,000 tests. The warning "CAL" shows up on the display screen for three seconds before warming up.
(Note: We recommend calibration every 6 months of use)

With the AlcoSense Verity, you don't have to second guess or do subjective interpretations when it comes to knowing your BAC.

Large LCD display with clear BAC readings

Its large LCD display shows a detailed reading of your blood alcohol content in %BAC to 3 decimal places. The large numerical digits ensure results are easy to read even in dark surroundings.

Note: "050" is read as .050 %BAC - the '.' decimal is in front of the 3 digits.

Easy to use!

Attach a loose mouthpiece to the retractable mouthpiece to test other people such as friends and family!

3 year warranty, extendable to a lifetime under the AlcoSense Guarantee

BAC Range 0.000% - 0.200%BAC
Sensor Type FxCell2
Accuracy ±0.005%BAC at 0.050%BAC
Warm Up Time 3 seconds ~ 4 minutes
Response Time Within 10 seconds
Recycle Time 10 seconds
Working Temperature 5 – 40°C
Power Supply 2 x AAA Batteries (Alkaline Only)
Mouthpieces 5 mouthpieces supplied (please note this unit is only compatible with AlcoSense mouthpieces), built-in personal mouthpiece
Memory Capacity None
Result Reading 0.000% to 0.200%BAC
Certification Australian Standard AS3547
Calibration Frequency Australian Standards Requirement: Every 6 months
Display Back-lit LCD
Features 3 decimal place reading, flow control, auto power off
Includes User manual, mouthpieces, batteries, carry pouch, carry case
Product Weight 66g including batteries
Dimensions H: 100mm, W: 44mm, D: 15mm
Warranty 3 years

AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser
User Manual

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AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser Reviews

Customer Reviews

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David H.
Good product as .0

Quality product that has its own hard or soft case - whatever you want. Ivevused it a few times and hopefully it is accurate. Hate to find out from the coppers that it’s not correct. I’m trusting it though. Had a couple of feet late nights and at 9 am It was saying I was .060. Waited 20 minutes until I got down to .020. Previously I would have thought I was ok to drive

Well worth it. Extreme value and reliability

Have had it for over a year. And it has saved me from driving quite a few times when I felt sober enough. I also work in mining and have to blow zero every day. My little breatho has saved my job more than once too

Not reliable

I had no problems with this unit up until I sent it in for calibration when they told me it required additional work nearing the cost of replacement. So I was either unlucky or these units are not build to last a year or two. I wouldn’t recommend. Cheaper units on eBay have lasted me a lot longer. The one benefit of this unit is that it has a much faster start up time while cheaper units take a while to countdown. But in future I will buy the cheaper units and replace every now and then and not bother calibrating

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your honest feedback.

We wish to clarify that the unit's fault (rusty PCB and sensor) could be due from improper storage and also faults like this may occur when units are not regularly sent for calibration at all. In this case, this is the first calibration attempt in 2 years since the unit's purchase. We wanted to fully repair the unit with its 3-years warranty plan however, in order for us to do that, this requires the receipt/copy of bank statement to validate the warranty. Unfortunately, as none of these were provided in the end, we were not able to proceed with the repairs. Based on your request via our last email correspondence on the 22nd of February 2022, we returned the unit to you as it is.

Nevertheless, if you manage to locate the copy of bank statement for the unit's purchase at Autobarn, you can contact us again so we can validate the unit warranty and organise the repair of the unit.

John D.

AlcoSense Verity

Leigh M.

great product,very convenient to use

Karen M.
Easy to use!

A friend recommended this model, it is very easy to use, and handy to have in the glove box!

Paul L.
Cannot trust the reading is accurate

Have been using the AlcoSense Verity and honestly cannot say I would ever trust it to show an accurate reading. Tested after relatively heavy drinking, double or triple standard drinks in a given timeframe, on multiple occasions and I did not feel in any state to legally drive, yet the best reading this unit could give was 0.02 which is well below the legal limit. Sent it back to Andatech for testing and they claimed it was all fine. Just not possible unless I have a Superman level of ability to metabolise alcohol. l

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your feedback.

Your unit was returned recently for an inspection and based on the report, we found no issues with your unit. The unit was reading within the accuracy range during the test that was conducted.

We understand that you're concerned about your reading based on how you've felt your condition was in.

An individual's BAC varies based on multiple factors such as your body weight, metabolic rate and alcohol tolerance. Also note that an individual's BAC continues to climb for up to 2 hours after their last drink. We recommend testing yourself at intervals whereby allowing a 15-20 minutes wait time in between each test and testing yourself at least 3-4 times to have a better estimate of your BAC.

If you still have concerns regarding your breathalyser, kindly email us at and our customer service team will assist you further.

Elizabeth B.

Very pleased. Always good to be reassured safe to drive.

Tony M.

Very pleased

Christine W.

AlcoSense Verity