Ionmax Ray Far Infrared Heater warms you up, not the air

by Josephine Gan    

Ionmax Ray Far Infrared Heater warms you up, not the air - Andatech Distribution

Andatech would like to announce the latest addition to their Ionmax range of wellness products, the Ionmax Ray Far Infrared Heater.

Featuring the latest Far Infrared (FIR) heating technology, the Ionmax Ray is able to heat your body directly, not the air, promising more efficient and targeted heating and energy cost savings.


What is far infrared heat?

Infrared is an invisible radiant energy; electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light.

A great example of infrared heat is the Sun – the ultimate infrared heater. The Sun generates infrared heat through the combustion of gases, and this infrared energy passes heat directly through space to warm the surface of the earth. So even on a cold day, objects and people are warmed by the heat radiated by the sun even though the surrounding air may be cold.

Far infrared heat is radiant heat and it’s the same as the feeling of warmth from the sun on your face and the heat from a campfire. It is the most basic form of heating known to man, and is now available as a heater for your home or workplace in the form of a far infrared heater.


Benefits of far infrared heating

There are several benefits of far infrared heating compared to traditional heating.


Efficient targeted heating

Unlike traditional heaters, FIR heaters like the Ionmax Ray warms you up directly, not the air. So, even if the room is cold, you can feel warm.

An FIR heater such as the Ionmax Ray emits FIR waves that your body feels as heat. It’s perfect for winter when rooms tend to be really cold, and regular heaters take a while to warm up the air in the room to make you warm.

Additionally, since the Ionmax Ray produces FIR radiation, not warm air, it is even possible to get these benefits in rooms with large ceilings or with drafts that otherwise make using standard room heaters ineffective.


Comfortable warmth

Due to the way that it works, the Ionmax Ray does not give out emissions, smell from dust, dirt, or toxic fumes. This makes FIR heating popular among people with severe allergies and chemical sensitivity.

Plus, FIR technology does not heat the air of the room directly and therefore, will not dry up indoor air. It makes indoor heating much more comfortable, and prevents the occurrence of dry skin, dry eyes, cracked lips and respiratory ailments caused by dry, hot air.

The Ionmax Ray FIR heater is therefore a suitable heater for use with babies or people with allergies or sensitivity to dry air.


Cost saving

Thanks to its low energy consumption of just 200W to 1200W, and its efficient targeted heating, the Ionmax Ray Far Infrared Heater can reduce heating costs drastically in your home or office.

Compared to traditional heaters that warm up a whole room, FIR heaters warm people up, making heating much faster and therefore needs a lot less time to get you warm.

This saves you considerable time and energy, and you don’t need several heaters for a large area – just one Ionmax Ray to warm up your targeted area.


The Ionmax Ray Far Infrared heater is available online from Andatech and from authorised resellers.

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