Sobermate S2-Andatech
Sobermate S2-Andatech
Sobermate S2-Andatech

Sobermate S2

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The Sobermate® S2 fuel cell breathalyzer offers easy and accurate alcohol breath testing at the press of a button. Its large LED display, 3 indicator lights and various warning alerts offer ease-of-use and clear readings. Plus, it has an alert after 500 tests so you’ll be reminded when the device requires calibration.

If you’re after a simple and reliable
breathalyzer that does the job well, look no further than the Sobermate® S2.

Fuel Cell Sensor

The Sobermate S2 utilises a state-of-the-art Fuel Cell Sensor to provide you with reliable and accurate readings

Accurate and Reliable

BAC results are accurate to 2 decimal places, and the testing ranges from 0.00% to 0.40%BAC

Introductory Model, at an Introductory Price

The new Sobermate S2 brings you the best of both worlds: affordability, and high-accuracy results

Compact and User-Friendly

The S2's small and sleek frame makes it a reliable tool to help you on your night out. Just turn on the S2, let it warm up, insert the mouthpieces, and then just blow directly into it

Calibration Reminders

Alerts you when your device is due for calibration

3 Colour LED Indicators

The green LED will turn on when the device is ready for a test, the Yellow LED indicates when the battery levels are low, and the Red LED will light up of the test result is above 0.05%BAC.

12 Month Calibration

Calibrate the S2 every 12 months to maintain its accuracy. We recommend calibration every 12 months or 500 uses (whichever comes first).

Last Test Recall

The Sobermate S2 is able to tell you the results of your last test by up to 2 decimal places

Low Battery Warning

The Sobermate S2 notifies you when the battery is in need of replacement

1 Year Warranty

The Sobermate S2 features a 1 year warranty

Model No. SM-S2
BAC Range 0.00% - 0.40%BAC
Sensor Type Fuel Cell
Accuracy ±0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC
Warm Up Time Within 5-35 seconds
Response Time Within 3-22 seconds
Working Temperature (-)5 – 40°C
Power Supply 2 x AAA Batteries (Alkaline Only)
Mouthpieces 5 mouthpieces supplied (please note this unit is only compatible with Sobermate mouthpieces)
Memory Capacity None
Result Reading 0.000% to 0.400%BAC
Certification None
Calibration Frequency 500 tests or every 6 months (whichever comes first)
Display Back-lit LCD
Features 2 decimal place reading, flow control, auto power off, test counter
Includes User manual, mouthpieces, batteries
Product Weight 100g including batteries
Dimensions H: 111mm, W: 35mm, D: 24mm
Warranty 1 year

Sobermate S2 Personal Breathalyzer User Manual

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