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KetoScan Lite User Manual


  • As a precaution, your KetoScan Lite will cease functioning after 300 tests. To continue using the unit normally, please calibrate your device at your nearest Andatech calibration centre.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything at least 30 minutes before every measurement to ensure accurate readings.
  • Users should not consume alcohol at least 24 hours before each test as this could provide inaccurate readings.
  • Sensor drift could happen if the unit is idle for 6-12 months.
  • Please contact Andatech for more information.


Ketoscan Lite ketone breath tester components

1 x KetoScan Lite Unit
2 x AA batteries
3 x Mouthpieces
User's Manual
    Ketoscan Lite ketone breath tester components

      How to Use the KetoScan Lite

      1. Attach a mouthpiece or a drinking straw into the sampling hole. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the unit on.
      2. The total number of tests available before calibration is required and the previous test result will be displayed.
      3. Once "bLo" is displayed on the screen, users can start to blow with a slow and steady breath until the unit vibrates.
      4. "SdC" will be displayed once the self-diagnostic testing is completed. A countdown will commence before the main test can be conducted.
      5. The test result will be displayed for 15 seconds before the unit powers off.
      6. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the unit off.

      Self-diagnostic test

      The self-diagnosis function is a patented, exclusive KetoScan technology used to get rid of any miscellaneous gases or particles surrounding the sensor using the exhaled breath of the user.

      This WILL NOT count as a test as it is a preparation before the main measurement.

      Recall data on the unit

      Turn the unit on, then press the power button once when the screen displays "888".

      The remaining tests available before calibration is required and the previous test result will be displayed on the screen.

      • Make your own keto logbook on the KetoScan Lite mobile app
        • Input your readings, take a picture and track your data on the KetoScan Lite mobile app.
        • Available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.
      • Sync your fitness/calorie counter app with the KetoScan Lite app.
        • You can pair the KetoScan Lite app with Google Fit, Apple Health and FatSecret.
        • The information you enter into these apps will automatically sync into the KetoScan Lite app.
      Sync with To recall my
      Google Fit Weight, calories consumed
      Apple Health  Weight, calories burned/consumed
      FatSecret Weight, calories burned/consumed and macronutrients ratio

      Display Messages

       "bLo" Unit ready for measurement.
      Attach a mouthpiece and blow into it until a vibration is felt.
      "SdC" Self-diagnostic test completed.
      Before the main test, a self-diagnostic test needs to be conducted.
      Once completed, wait a few seconds for the main test.
      "SEn" Sensor replacement is required.
      This message appears after 300 tests.
      The unit cannot operate until it is recalibrated.
      "bAt" Low Battery warning.
      Replace with 2 new AA Alkaline batteries.
      "Er.2" Sensor error warning.
      The sensor is damaged. Please contact Andatech for further assistance.

      KetoScan Lite Level Guide

      The KetoScan Lite measures your breath acetone concentration in PPM (Parts Per Million). Refer to the chart below to understand your ketosis state and level in relation to your body fat-burning rate based on your acetone reading.

       Ketosis State Level Acetone Reading Body Fat Burning Rate
      No or Low Level 0 0 ppm 0.00 oz/hour
      Level 1 1 ppm 0.00 oz/hour
      You are not in ketosis
      Beginning Level 2 2 ppm 0.05 oz/hour
      Level 3 3 ppm 0.08 oz/hour
      Level 4 ppm 0.11 oz/hour
      You are at the early stages of ketosis
      Stable Level 5 ppm 0.13 oz/hour
      Level 6 6 ppm 0.16 oz/hour
      Level 7 7 ppm 0.19 oz/hour
      Level 8 8 ppm 0.21 oz/hour
      Level 9 9 ppm 0.24 oz/hour
      You are at a stable level of ketosis
      Optimal Level 10 10 ~ 40 ppm 0.25 oz/hour
      You are at an optimum level of ketosis
      • The maximum acetone reading on the unit is 40 ppm.
      • The display screen will blink slowly if your reading is above 40 ppm.

      KetoScan Lite Specifications

      Sensor Type High resolution acetone gas sensor
      Display Unit PPM (Parts per Million) 
      Measurement Range 0 ~ 40 PPM

      Less than 5 ppm: +/- 0.05ppm

      On or above 5ppm: +/- 10%

      Battery 2 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries
      Analysing Time Within 5 seconds
      Mouthpiece Disposable mouthpieces provided or standard drinking straws (0.7cm diameter)
      Sensor Calibration Frequency Every 300 tests
      Storage Temperature  5 ~ 50 °C
      Operating Temperature  10 ~ 40 °C
      Certification  FCC, CE, FDA Class 1

      KetoScan Lite Calibration Service

      The sensor calibration service ensures that the unit continues to measure one’s acetone reading accurately while eliminating the need to replace the unit entirely. If the unit displays "SEn" and "000", please contact Andatech to book a calibration service.

      FCC Compliance Information

      FC CE FDA certification logos


      Operation is subject to the following two monitors:

      1. This device may not cause harmful interference
      2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired DP2 radiation.

      Note: This unit has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. The FCC rules are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference to surrounding people.

      This device generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency, energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

      However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation setting.

      If this unit does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, restart the device. The user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

      • Reorienting or relocating the receiving antenna
      • Distance the device further from the receiver
      • Connect the device to an outlet different from that to which the receiver is connected

      Consult Andatech or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

      Modifications not expressly approved by the manufacturer may void the user's authority to operate the equipment under FCC rules


      The KetoScan Lite comes with 1 Year Warranty, covered by Andatech in Australia.

      Please refer here for the full Andatech Warranty Policy.

      For warranty & technical service

      Please contact:

      9 Trade Place
      Vermont VIC 3133

      Tel: 1300 800 200

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