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Marvel Air Purifier Replacement Filters

Regular price $49.00

Purchase the replacement air filters for the Marvel air purifiers.

Replacement filters for Marvel Air Purifiers

Marvel Aladdin and Habanero 1 air purifiers use the same filter size (small).

Marvel Habanero 2 air purifiers use the big filter size.

Please note that prices quoted are for 1 unit of filter.

Habanero 1 and Habanero 2 models use 2 filters each (1 filter in the front and 1 filter in the rear of the unit).

To replace both front and rear filters in your Habanero 1 or 2 model air purifier, you will need to add a quantity of 2 filters to your cart.


Filter replacement period

It is recommended to replace the filters on your air purifiers every 12 to 15 months, depending on the level of use and the level of pollution.



Habanero 1 / 2