DrugSense DSO8 Plus Saliva Drug Test Kit (Pack of 25)

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The DrugSense DSO8 Plus Saliva Drug Test Kit tests for 8 common drug groups. It can also screen for alcohol, providing colour coded results for alcohol presence up to 0.30%BAC. Easy to use, the DrugSense DSO8 comes with an all-in-one swab and test, making it a superb choice for quick and efficient saliva drug testing whether at home or in the workplace.


  • Quick results. Perform a quick mouth swab, put the collector in the container and wait for the results
  • Easy to test. Simple step-by-step instructions are included in the kit
  • Precise and accurate. Test for 8 commonly used drugs and presence of alcohol.
  • Compact sample collection and results in one compact kit.
  • Non-invasive. Confidential results in the privacy of your own home or workplace.

Specifications and cut-off levels:

  • Standard: Verified to AS/NZS 4760:2019
  • AMP: 50ng/ml
  • BZO: 50ng/ml
  • COC: 50ng/ml
  • METH: 50ng/ml
  • OPI: 50ng/ml
  • OXY: 40ng/ml
  • THC: 15ng/ml
  • K2: 25ng/ml
  • Alcohol: 0.02%BAC

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