DrugSense DSU7 Urine Drug Test (Pack of 5)


Convenient Multi-Panel Drug Test

The DrugSense DSU7 drug testing cup is a complete drug screening system in a sealed cup offers a variety of simple and rapid urine screening tests for use in Workplace Drug Testing and Drug Rehabilitation.

This rapid and simple drug screening device requires minimal training and provides results in just 5 minutes.

The DSU7 tests for 7 common drugs of abuse including amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cocaine and marijuana. Additionally, the urine test kit can detect alcohol and provide an indication of alcohol levels using a simple colour changing strip, removing the need for a separate test just for alcohol:

  • Drug Test Cut-Off Levels:

    AMP - Amphetamine: 300ng/ml

    COC - Cocaine: 300ng/ml

    K2 - Synthetic THC: 50ng/ml

    BZO - Benzodiazepines: 200ng/ml

    METH - Methamphetamine: 300ng/ml

    OPI - Opiates: 300ng/ml

    THC - Cannabis Metabolites: 50ng/ml

    Alcohol: Colour change, up to 0.20%BAC


Secure: Eliminates exposure to urine and provides temperature verification to confirm urine samples.

Built-in specimen validity check: Detects common adulterants in the urine sample to indicate if the test has been tampered with.

Convenient: Simple, easy to use procedure – collect the urine, wait for the test to be completed, and peel back the strip to view the results. Tests for 7 drugs in the one device.

Stable: Long shelf life stored at room temperature or when refrigerated (2-30°C).

Performance: Accurate with high level of correlation to GCMS reference methods.

 Built-in Temperature Strip: 32 - 38°C


Built-in Specimen Validity Check:

Oxidants (OX)
Specific Gravity (S.G.)
Nitrite (NIT)
Glutaradehyde (GLUT)
Creatine (CRE)

Quick and Easy to Use


Tear the foil bag open and remove test cup. Label the device with donor information.


Open test cup lid and collect urine
sample. Be sure to fill up the test
cup with the urine sample between
minimum 30ml to maximum 110ml (marked on the cup)


Close the lid securely and place the cup on a flat surface.


Use the temperature validation strip to verify freshly collected
urine. Green indicator shows
the temperature detected.


Peel off label to see results.
Read the adulteration strip at 2 minutes.
Read the alcohol strip in 4 minutes.
Read the drug strip results at 5 minutes.

Do not interpret results after 10 minutes.


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