AlcoSense Zenith Breathalyser Sensor

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Replacement sensor for AlcoSense Zenith Breathalyser. Please read the information below to determine which sensor you need for your breathalyser.

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There are two types of replacement sensors available for the Zenith. To prevent us from sending you the wrong sensor, please conduct a simple check on your unit.

Open the back panel on your Zenith breathalyser. You will see either one of the sensors below.

How to check your Zenith breathalyser sensor type

Turn to the back of your Zenith breathalyser

Open up the small door that says "SENSOR"

Pull out the sensor

Check the chipboard inside the breathalyser for any noticeable wires (see images below for reference)

Which sensor does your Zenith breathalyser use?

Pressure sensor has noticeable wires on the chipboard

Important Note - Units with pressure sensor must come back to us for calibration and replacement. Please book in a calibration online at  my.andatech.com.au or contact us to do this for you.

Non-pressure sensor has NO noticeable wires on the chipboard

Purchase a new sensor above and replace it on your own.

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