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AlcoSense Stealth Online Training

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The AlcoSense Stealth Online Training is great for individuals wanting to learn about how alcohol affects their body, and how to use the AlcoSense Stealth breathalyser correctly for personal or workplace use. For companies using the AlcoSense Stealth for random breath testing, the online training course is ideal for companies with remote areas or with multiple site locations. Learn about alcohol testing online while using your own AlcoSense Stealth unit. Once the final assessment is successfully completed, you will receive a Certificate of Competency.

Overview of the AlcoSense Stealth Online Training module:

  • How alcohol affects the human body
  • Procedures for testing correctly
  • How to use and maintain your AlcoSense Stealth breathalyser
  • Breathalyser training final assessment
  • Certificate of Competence upon successful completion


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