KetoScan Multigenix

User manual for the KetoScan MultiGenix Smart Multi Breath Analyser

KetoScan MultiGenix Smart Multi Breath Analyser

KetoScan Mobile App

Download the KetoScan mobile app to use with the KetoScan Multigenix multi breath analyser.


KetoScan MultiGenix mobile app on Apple iOS store
KetoScan MultiGenix mobile app on Android store



  • Do not use water, alcohol or chemicals to clean the device. Wipe it gently with dry cloth or towel only.
  • We recommend downloading the KetoScan mobile app and using it with the device in pairing mode. When used without app integration, previous readings may not be automatically saved to your mobile device.
  • If the device has not been used for 6 months to a year, the reading may be affected based on the storage conditions. Therefore, we recommend replacing the sensor cartridge to ensure accurate measurements.
  • Refrain from consuming beverages such as coffee, juice and other liquids, as well as eating, smoking or brushing your teeth (including using mouthwash) within 30 minutes prior to taking the measurement as they may affect the results. 
  • If you consume alcohol before taking a ketone test, it may affect the results. Therefore it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours for alcohol to leave your system before taking a ketone test. 
  • Consult a specialist or doctor if your keto test results exceed 60 ppm continuously.

KetoScan Multigenix Sensor Cartridges

The cartridge assembled in the device should be replaced after 300 tests or 1 year, whichever comes first. The device will lock after 300 tests (while using device without the mobile app) or 320 tests (while using with mobile app). Once this happens, please buy a new sensor cartridge (linked below).

KetoScan MultiGenix alcohol sensor cartridge
KetoScan MultiGenix ketone sensor cartridge
KetoScan MultiGenix Alcohol Sensor Cartridge KetoScan MultiGenix Ketone Sensor Cartridge


Each KetoScan Multigenix device comes sealed in an aluminium foil pouch and will include a charging cable, 5 mouthpieces and a zip pouch for storage.

KetoScan MultiGenix device includes

Product Description

KetoScan MultiGenix device components

How to replace the KetoScan Multigenix Sensor Cartridge

KetoScan MultiGenix sensor replacement instructions
  1. Ensure that the KetoScan Multigenix device is powered off.
  2. Pull out the sensor cartridge to separate it from the main device body. 
  3. Install the new cartridge onto the device by gently pressing it downwards into the main body. Use the rail on the right side of the cartridge as a guide. 


KetoScan MultiGenix breath sampling error
Breath Sampling Error
Insufficient breath sample. Please wait a few seconds
for the retest, then blow into the device until it vibrates.
KetoScan MultiGenix low battery warning
Low Battery Warning
Charge the device using the provided USB cable.
KetoScan MultiGenix battery charging
Battery Charging
Displays while battery is charging.
KetoScan MultiGenix battery charging complete
Charging Complete
Displays when battery is fully charged.
KetoScan MultiGenix replace sensor cartridge
Replace Sensor Cartridge
Displays when sensor cartridge needs replacement. Please purchase a replacement sensor cartridge and replace it.
KetoScan MultiGenix sensor error
Sensor Error
Displays when sensor is damaged. Please contact Andatech for assistance.
KetoScan MultiGenix bluetooth mode
Bluetooth Mode
Displays to indicate that the device is connected to the mobile phone and can be used with the KetoScan mobile app.

KetoScan Multigenix user manual

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