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Wingmate One-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
Wingmate One-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
Wingmate One-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
Wingmate One-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
Wingmate One-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech

Wingmate One

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Available in packs of 10

A super portable, highly convenient disposable breathalyser for use any day, any time. Easy to carry around in your pocket, or store in your car glovebox compartment as an emergency alcohol breath tester!

The Wingmate One breathalyser sachets make it convenient for anyone to find out if they are under the legal limits, with markers for both 0.02%BAC and 0.05%BAC.


Easy to use with Instructions and Interpretation of results clearly set out on both the pack insert and the breath-bag.

Quick Results

Use and view results all within 2 minutes!

Convenient and Disposable

Hygienic, small and lightweight, and ideally priced to use once and throw away!


Disposable breath testing device certified in accordance with accuracy and reliability requirements of the relevant Australian Standard: AS 3547-1997 Type 1

Why use the Wingmate One?

As a single-use, disposable breathalyser, the Wingmate One is highly convenient to store and keep when you need it as an emergency. It’s ideal if you rarely need a breathalyser, but want the flexibility of using one when you need it:

  • Test yourself prior to driving a vehicle or reporting for work
  • Within drug and alcohol educational programs to demonstrate the need for moderate alcohol consumption and a greater awareness of drink driving issues
  • Workplace and OH&S testing – at both 0.02%BAC and 0.05%BAC levels
  • Road safety and drink driving educational programs and campaigns

How does the Wingmate One breathalyser work?

Each Wingmate One test tube contains yellow crystals which green pro rata to the volume of alcohol that is present in the breath sample collected by the breath bag, and then indicates that volume against a measurement of the legal drink driving limit.

How to use the Wingmate One breathalyser

The Wingmate One breathalysers are designed to be easy to use. Just follow the instructions included in the sachet for a quick breath test.

Below is a rough guide on how to use the Wingmate One breathalyser:

Before using:

  • Before consuming alcohol, read and understand the Instructions and Interpretation of Results as well as the Product’s Disclaimers on the leaflet inside the packaging, and on the unit’s breath bag.
  • Wait at least 20 minutes after your last drink before you take the test. Also refrain from using mouthwash or any alcoholic product before the test.
  • Use the tester within 5 minutes of opening the tube (i.e. snapping off the end caps)
  • Ensure you are in a place that has good lighting in order for you to correctly evaluate the end results.

Step 1

Snap off the ends of the red and white caps at the end of the tester tube.

Shake out and discard the small amount of white crystals that are loosely contained within the tube. (The white crystals are harmless silica gel, used to keep the yellow active chemical crystals dry)

Step 2

Using ONE continuous breath, fully inflate the bag.

Using more than one breath will deliver an inaccurate result.

Step 3

Insert the white cap end of the tester into the white neck of the fully inflated bag. 

The red arrow on the tube should be pointing away from the bag

Step 4

Using both hands, squeeze the bag slowly and evenly.

Do this until all the breath contained in the bag is expelled through the tester tube. This should take about 30 seconds

Step 5

Evaluate the results under good lighting conditions. 

Results are best visible after about 2 minutes of taking the test.

Results are indicated by the crystals colour change in the glass tube – a green colour change before the red line indicates you’re under the limit, and a green colour change over the red line indicates that you’re over. Simple!

An ‘Under the Limit’ Result

If you are under the limit, there is no ‘greening’ of the crystals, or the progression of the green colour change has not reached the red line.

An ‘Over the Limit’ Result

If you are over the limit, a distinct green colour change will have occurred in the yellow crystals and progressed all the way up to the red line or beyond.

Indication of BAC

0.02% BAC, 0.05% BAC


Australian Standards AS3547 Certified

Wingmate One Breathalyser Instructions

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