Refurbished Ionmax + EcorPro DryFan DF12

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The Ionmax+ DF8 and DF12 Commercial Dehumidifiers are fully automatic, industrial strength desiccant dehumidifiers designed to operate 24/7 under normal and harsh conditions.

The DryFan® dehumidifiers have been tested and improved to dry areas with temperatures as low as 20°Celcius - 4 to 7 times faster than traditional dehumidifiers.

Probably the smallest commercial dehumidifiers on the market, the DF8 and DF12 work perfectly in any orientation. Mount the built in dehumidifier on walls and floors, and even upside down on the ceiling. The DF8 and DF12 can be used as a central dehumidifier for your entire home!

The Ionmax DryFan® range are the perfect commercial dehumidifiers for the whole home, and can be used for industrial applications and settings as well.

For the full product information on the Ionmax + EcorPro DryFan®, please visit its product page.

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