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Ionmax ION70 Ionic Cool Mist Humidifier


The Ionmax ION70 Ionic Cool Mist Humidifier features adjustable humidistat, built-in ioniser, user-friendly LCD display and 7-colour night light. With various added features such as auto switch off, empty tank indicator and 12-hour timer, the ION70 offers you efficient humidification and convenience.

The Ionmax ION70 is our newest humidifier and designed for efficiency and ease of use. The ION70 reintroduces moisture into the air to help you maintain a comfortable humidity level in your home. It can help to efficiently relieve respiratory ailments such as colds, flus or hay fever that are caused by dry air.

With added features such as a built-in ioniser, adjustable humidistat, auto switch off and 12-hour timer, the Ionmax ION70 humidifier promises advanced humidity control and convenience for daily use.

Introducing a humidifier into your home—especially during the chillier months—can offer you a range of benefits. Here is a list of the top 7 reasons to buy a humidifier for your home.



Room Coverage 40 sqm
Suitable for rooms up to 40 sqm. Great for the living room, dining area or bedroom.

Soft-Touch Control Panel
Easy to use soft touch control panel for efficient, user-friendly operation.

12 Hour Timer Settings
Keep the humidifier switched on for up to 12 hours with the ION70′s timer settings.

Large Tank Capacity
The ION70 can hold 4.5L water in its tank for long humidifying performance.

Cool Mist
The ION70 can be used to emit cool mist, perfect for cooling down on warmer days.


Tank Empty Indicator
Notifies you when the water tank is empty so that you can switch off the unit or refill it for continued operation.

Built-In Ioniser
Emits millions of negative ions to help clean and revitalise the air.

3 Moisture Control Settings
Control the moisture output based on your needs. Switch between low, medium and high.

Optional Ion Resin Filter (Not Included)
Use the ION70 with the ion resin filter (optional) for cleaner water – the ion resin filter helps to reduce limescale in the water.

7 Colour Night Light
Soft, glowing night light makes the ION70 suitable for use at night or in the bedroom.

Auto Switch Off when Tank is Empty
Safety feature that switches off the humidifier if the tank is empty to prevent a hazard.

Adjustable Humidistat
Easily maintain the desired humidity in your home with the inbuilt adjustable humidistat.

Model No. ION70
Input Voltage AC 220 – 240V
Power Consumption 30W
Humidification Rate 300ml/hr
Tank Capacity 4.5L
Coverage Area 30-40 sqm
Negative Ion Output 200,000 ions/cc
Product Weight 1.5kg
Dimensions H: 329mm, W: 246mm, D: 182mm
Warranty 1 year

Ionmax ION70 Cool Mist Humidifier
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