Ionmax ION310 (Parts)

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Replacement parts for the Ionmax ION310 Air Purifier.

The Ionmax ION310 Air Purifier has been discontinued.

Please check out our other air purifiers.

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Ionmax Ion310

I bought a Ionmax ION310 three days ago. I suffer, and I do mean suffer, from Sinusitis. On the last two nights, thanks to the Ionmax, I have had the best sleep for quite some time. I wake feeling better than I have for a long time. I have been trying to get relief from the Sinusitis for more than four months, without success up to this point. For me, the Ionmax is a minor miracle; I wish someone had told me about it a few months ago.

Ionmax Ion310 Mini UV Air Purifier and Ioniser review

Hi There
I bought Ionmax Ion310 Mini UV Air Purifier and Ioniser just two days ago.
And I received yesterday, put it on use and felt really happy about it.
I was not allergic to dust in my 20+years before but recently I always have kinda signals about dust allergy.
I went to the clinic and got a health check about my skin trouble like redness and itchy. My dermatology told me my skin problems was caused by dust mite and pollen.
So I picked Ionmax Ion310 and turned it on through the whole night, this was the first time that I woke up with no itchy face. And the low mode contributed no noise at all, I am really happy about it.
Will continuously use it in my study room as well, hopefully all my carpet rooms would be clean eventually.
Thanks Ionmax Ion310 and whoever invented it.

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