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Ionmax ION108-Discontinued-Andatech
Ionmax ION108-Discontinued-Andatech
Ionmax ION108-Discontinued-Andatech

Ionmax ION108

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Ionmax ION108 Aroma Diffuser

A humidifier, aroma diffuser and night light in one - the sleek and contoured ION108 is a must-have for every modern home. Easy to use, safe, and silent, it makes a gorgeous gift to help you breathe easier, relax, and enhance your mood and energy levels.

A powerful companion to keep you feeling great. Its soft blue glow makes it ideal as a night light, and the unit can last 4-6 hours when switched on. As a safety feature, the ION108 also has a built-in water level sensor that will stop the unit’s operation when there is insufficient or no water in the tank.

With the perfect combination of humidification, aroma therapy and negative ioniser, this little unit will help you breathe easier, relax and increase your mood and energy levels.


Aroma Diffuser

Diffuses water with essential oils (optional) into tiny molecules and produces an elegant mist, releasing the essential oils in their 100% purest form, enhancing the effect of aromatherapy. There is no heating involved.


Improves air quality through the release of negative ions. These negative ions can remove harmful substances that contribute to allergies, stale air and odours.


The ultrasonic waves create air moisture to combat the drying effects of heating and air-conditioning. Keeps your skin hydrated and relieves symptoms of sinus congestion and sore throat.

Mini Night Lamp

Emits a soft blue glow, which provides a relaxing and calming environment.

Safety Feature

Built-in water level sensor stops operation when there is insufficient or no water

Model No. ION108
Input Voltage 240 V
Power Consumption Max 15 W
Humidification Rate N/A
Tank Capacity N/A
Coverage Area 60 sqm
Negative Ion Output 2,960,000 anions/cm³
Product Weight N/A
Dimensions 212 mm (tall) x 107 mm (wide)
Warranty 1 year

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