Ionmax + EcorPro Humidistat Control for DF8/DF12/DB8/DB12

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The Ionmax + EcorPro Humidistat is a low voltage humidistat for our DF8/DF12/DB8/DB12 dehumidifier range. This manually controlled dial comes with a 5m / 15″ connecting cable and jack plug connected to the device. 
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Installation in a Matter of Seconds

Ease of Operation

Please note there is a 5% tolerance factor built into every dehumidifier. The higher the humidity percentage setting is, the dehumidifier will dry out the are in which it has been installed.

Near the 100% threshold, the humidistat will automatically shut the dehumidifier off.

At a very low setting, the humidistat will effectively turn the dehumidifier on continuously.

Low Voltage

Our low voltage humidistat comes with a 2m / 6″ cable that can be utilised for ease of use. Along with the cable, our product also comes fitted with a jack so that it may be plugged in directly to the dehumidifiers.

User Manual for the Ionmax + EcorPro Humidistat Control