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Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan® DF8 / DF12-Dehumidifier-Andatech
Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan® DF8 / DF12-Dehumidifier-Andatech
Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan® DF8 / DF12-Dehumidifier-Andatech
Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan® DF8 / DF12-Dehumidifier-Andatech
Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan® DF8 / DF12-Dehumidifier-Andatech

Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan® DF8 / DF12

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Industrial-grade desiccant dehumidifier for the home or office. Can be run for 24 hours a day and connected to multiple rooms as a central dehumidifier! Remove up to 12L of moisture a day and to as low as 10%RH.

Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan® Commercial Dehumidifier for the Home


The Ionmax+ DF8 and DF12 Commercial Dehumidifiers are fully automatic, industrial strength desiccant dehumidifiers designed to operate 24/7 under normal and harsh conditions.

The DryFan® dehumidifiers have been tested and improved to dry areas with temperatures as low as 20°Celcius - 4 to 7 times faster than traditional dehumidifiers.

Probably the smallest commercial dehumidifiers on the market, the DF8 and DF12 work perfectly in any orientation. Mount the built in dehumidifier on walls and floors, and even upside down on the ceiling. The DF8 and DF12 can be used as a central dehumidifier for your entire home!

The Ionmax DryFan® range are the perfect commercial dehumidifiers for the whole home, and can be used for industrial applications and settings as well.

Fully Automatic

Don't waste your time or energy. As a ducted dehumidifier, the Dryfan® is fully automatic with no buckets of water to empty every day. Moisture is vented out through the ducting!

Mount Anywhere

Small and can be used in cupboards. Works in any orientation on walls, even upside down on ceilings. Install it free-standing or out of sight.

Goes Above & Beyond

Keeps drying when normal dehumidifiers stop. The heavy duty dehumidifier continues to work even at temperatures -20°C to +40°C (-4°F to 104°F)

Equivalent to a 25 Liter Dehumidifier

Dries even below 5°C when all other dehumidifiers stop working. Below 25°C often works 4-6 times better at extracting water than much larger normal dehumidifiers at room temperatures

Excellent humidity control

The Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan® Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier range offer powerful performance and fast dehumidification for domestic and industrial use.


Moisture Removal Rates

DF8 - 8 L/day
DF12 - 12L/day


All Metal Construction

Metal construction on the inside and out - designed for long term use and to cope with moving the unit on a frequent basis if needed.


UK Patented Design

Powerful DryFan® Technology

How it works

The Ionmax+ DF8 and DF12 desiccant dehumidifiers use DryFan® technology and uses a continuously rotating moisture absorbing patented wheel termed a “Rotor”.

A highly efficient yet low noise fan draws air into the unit (Process Air) and forces it through a section of the rotor.

As the air passes through the rotor, the honeycomb, of hygroscopic membranes absorbs almost all of the moisture creating an extremely dry airstream.

Vents Moisture Out

The DryFan® dehumidifier does not produce liquid water. If it did it could be damaged by ice.  

Instead it vents water through a 41mm (1-1/2") exhaust pipe. This pipe can be a flexible hose or a common push-fit waste water pipe that you can get in any local DIY store.  

In short, it vents water through a small hose in a similar way to tumble dryer, but does so in a much more energy efficient way than the tumble dryer.

Be Safe with DryFan®

The DryFan® commercial dehumidifier for home use range was designed specifically for drying home spaces all day & every day.

Dryfan® is the safer alternative to domestic dehumidifiers if you need 24/7 dehumidification at home.

commercial Dehumidifier for the Home and industrial Applications and Processes

The DF8 and DF12 industrial strength dehumidifiers are designed to be used almost anywhere, including living spaces, lofts, basements and crawl spaces. Set it up in any orientation - it'll even work upside down!

The DF8 / DF12 is the ultimate space saving built in dehumidifier. Save valuable floor space by installing it as a wall mounted dehumidifier.

Want to conceal it? No problem! Install it anywhere, even in the cupboard. The DryFan range is perfect as a central dehumidifier for the whole home.

The DryFan dehumidifier can also be mounted upsidedown to be used as an under house dehumidifier or ceiling dehumidifier.

Excellent as a commercial dehumidifier for basement or bathroom dehumidifier wall mounted.

Duct Air-In Option

The Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan® Dehumidifier is fitted with a metal duct flange on the filter grill to allow for an external 125mm duct to draw in the air from a more remote point. Concentrate the most damp air into the ducted dehumidifier to be dried if needed.

Super Small Commercial Dehumidifier

The Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan dehumidifiers are surprisingly small yet unbelievably powerful. Measuring in at only 19cm tall and 19cm wide, the DF8 and DF12 are very easy to fit into your home, no matter where you mount it. Equipped with a sturdy carry handle on top, they are easy to move around if needed.

Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan®
Features Overview

Standard fitting. The warm air exhaust is a standard push fit plumbing fitting for easy installation.

Ideal for areas in the home that are not heated but prone to dampness, such as laundry rooms, basements & crawl spaces.

DryFan® DF8 and DF12 process air exhaust meaning dry, clean air can be ducted. Ideal for use in lofts to keep underground rooms dry.

Can be installed in a cupboard space. Quiet and out of sight. Protect your home while saving space.

Wet air enters & is filtered before drying. Wet, warm air can then be exhausted via a 41mm (1-1/2") push fit plumbing connector to the outside. DryFan® dehumidifier can duct clean, dry air perfect for basements, cupboards & lofts

Inbuilt humidity regulator allows you to set the level of humidity of the space you want to dry. Two modes of fan (on always or fan on only) when drying.

DryFan® can exhaust processed air meaning dry, clean air can be ducted to where you want. Ideal for hiding in bathroom lofts to keep the bathroom dry and fresh. Much more energy efficient than an extracter fan.

Remote Humidistat Option

DryFan® can be remote controlled. A remote humidity sensor with 5m cable can be added safely to the space being dried.

On Four Feet

Anti scratch plastic feet can cleverly be swivelled out to make four anchor points so that the dehumidifier can be fastened with suitable screws or bolts (not provided) to walls or simply fastened down onto a surface.

Carry Handle

Flat handle that can be extended to allow easy carrying in one hand.

Additional Features

Auto Reset

Automatically restarts operation when the power supply returns after an interruption.

Safe to Use

The patented technology is both safe and energy efficient and can never overheat to hazardous temperatures, even if vents become accidentally blocked.

Whisper Quiet Fan

Its quiet fan makes this model ideal for small spaces such as bedrooms and workspaces.

DryFan® can be used all around the home to stop condensation. This is often near windows, on back walls or behide wardrobes. Condensation can appear on clothes in the wardrobes as mould ruining items.

Moisture from the home migrates out from the living spaces through ceilings, floors and wardrobe doors. Its migrates to the basement, loft & crawl spaces. No area is prevented from being dried. No need to empty DryFan® of water or permenantly drain that can block or freeze and cause flooding. Just clean the air filter once in a while. Attach DryFan® to ceilings or walls or even upside down on the ceiling in basements.

Outside buildings can get very cold but still damp. Normal dehumidifiers will stop working above zero degrees to prevent damage from ice. Compressor dehumidifiers also extract little water below 10°C. DryFan® just keeps going, drying all the way to -20°C (-4°F). DryFan® is an industral grade dehumidifier for the home. DryFan® will even restart after a power out automatically to resume drying, perfect if the power supply is unstable.

Customer Basement Installation

Model No. DF8 DF12
Typical extraction @ 35 °C 90% RH 8 litres/day 12 litres/day
Typical extraction @ 27 °C 60% RH 6 litres/day 10 litres/day
Air flow (Process) 130 m3/h 130 m3/h
Air flow (Regen) 20 m3/h 20 m3/h
Input Voltage 230V ~ 1 phase • 50 Hz 230V ~ 1 phase • 50 Hz
Power Consumption / Current @ 27 °C 60% RH 0.50 kW / 2.2A 0.50 kW / 2.2A
Plug 10A 10A
Coverage Area Multiple rooms Multiple rooms
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 40°C -20°C to 40°C
Noise Level 44 dB 44 dB
Optional Parts Wet air exhaust flexible ducting: 1 meter length | Remote humidistat: 5 meter cord length and jack plug | Replaceable filters: pack of 3 | Blank replacement top plate without handle: pack of 1
IP Rating IP24 IP24
Product Weight 4.5 kg / 4.8 kg 5.7 kg / 6.6 kg
Dimensions H: 200mm, D: 200mm, W: 200mm H: 200mm, D: 300mm, W: 200mm
Warranty 1 year 1 year

Subject to modifications.

Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers
User Manual

Ionmax+ EcorPro DryFan Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers
Quick Installation Guide

About the DryFan Dehumidifiers

Installing a DryFan Dehumidifier

How to Install a Whole House Dehumidifier

Mounting the DryFan

DF8 Installation Guide

DF12 Installation Guide

Quick Installation Guide

(A) Simple Installation

(B) Basement Installation

(C) Remote Installation

(D) Cupboard Installation

Can the water be exhausted upwards?

The water can indeed be exhausted vertically upwards. Ideally, there should be a decline in the exhaust hose to stop condensation building in the exhaust and running back into the dehumidifier. However, there will be instances when this is not possible nor desired.

If the exhaust length is short, condensation may be unlikely to build in the exhaust hose at all. Longer lengths or units used in colder climates may need the exhaust hose lagged with insulation or a condensation trap used on the exhaust hose put into the hose.


Can the hoses be lengthened?

The DryFan® units can have hoses extended further than prescribed in the movie. However, extraction performance will reduce the longer the hose lengths are as a result of air resistance. This may be overcome by using wider ducts than prescribed to allow less restricted airflow.


What size is the wet air exhaust?

The wet air exhaust is waste water pipe size 41mm in diameter. This is readily available in DIY shops but sometimes referred to as 40mm Push-Fit pipe and connections. The larger duct diameter is 125mm a standard duct size that is used with some venting kit manufacturers and often used for tumble dryers in flexible and hard duct options also widely available from DIY stores.


More questions? Contact us through Andatech support or call 1300 800 200 (Aus) or +613 8899 6900 for more information.

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