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Ionmax Breeze ION420

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The Ionmax Breeze ION420 Air Purifier features 5 stages of air purification to ensure the cleanest, healthiest indoor air quality possible for your home or office. Integrating a 3-in-1 filter that consists of a pre-filter, HEPA filter and an Activated Carbon Filter; a negative ioniser, and UV-C light for sterilisation, the Ionmax Breeze ensures complete air purification performance for your whole home. And with unique, user-friendly features - touch control panel, large air outlet, powerful fan, and low noise levels - the Ionmax Breeze is powerful, efficient, and easy to use.

Five Levels Of Air Purification For Maximum Performance

Cleanable Pre-filter

Traps large airborne particles such as hair, dust and pet dander

True HEPA Filter

Removes microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns in size such as fine dust, smoke, bacteria, pollen and mould spores

Activated Carbon Filter

Neutralises odours such as smoke, harmful gases, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) at a rate of 99%

UVC Light

UV Light (254nm) kills germs, viruses, fungi and bacteria at rate of 99%


Releases negative ions to freshen and balance the air

Suitable For Areas Up To 35 SQM

Great for apartments, dining areas, living rooms, study areas and bedrooms.

Easy-to-use Controls

Touch panel on the front of the unit make controlling the air purifier a breeze.

3 Fan Speeds

Low, Medium, High

Timer up to 8 hours

Filter Replacement Indicator

Lets you know when the filter needs replacing

Low Noise Levels

Suitable for use at night when sleeping

Model No. ION420
Coverage Area Up to 35 sqm
Negative Ion Output ≥ 3.0×106 ions/cc
Air Flow Low: 65m3/h; Medium: 183m3/h; High: 236m3/h
Input Voltage 220-240V, 50Hz
Power Consumption 55W
Dimensions H: 409mm, D: 162mm, W: 324mm
Product Weight 4.2 kg
Warranty 1 year
Extra Features

CADR smoke: 125 CFM

Airflow: 140CFM

Germs killed: 99%

UV Life: ≥ 10,000 Hours

Filter Life: 12 months (based on typical use)

Noise Level: Low: 30dB, Medium: 40dB, High: 50dB


Ionmax Breeze ION420 Air Purifier

Ionmax Breeze ION420 Air Purifier
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Ionmax Breeze ION420 Air Purifier Reviews


Amazing air purifier by Ionmax

I live in a house with 3 kids and 2 long haired dogs, and this air purifier has been amazing in keeping sniffles and allergies at bay. Look at the amount of dust it collected in just a few weeks! So pleased we bought this unit. It's been easy to move around the house and easy to clean by just vacuuming the filter. Have bought several more Ionmax air purifiers for the rest of the house and recommended to friends and family. Thank you so much for this fantastic unit, possibly the best air purifier I've ever owned.

Ionmax air purifier review - Breeze ION420

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amazing air purifier

Amazed at the amount of dust and hair it has been able to filter from our small office. After a few months we decided to change the filters and look at what it trapped! Crazy to think we would be breathing this in if we were without an air purifier.


I bought one of these to help keep the air clean for my pet mice, who can be very prone to respiratory illness. So far so good! With thorough dusting and vacuuming the air is always clean and smell-free. I run it for two hours each day.

Fresh air! Less allergy symptoms.

I’m so happy with the air quality improvement from the purifier I purchased for my mum that I purchased a second unit for my use.
I have indoor pets, this removes the pet smell as well as the allergens from the hay. I love that it’s light weight allows me to move around the house as I need it. And it’s very quiet on low so it doesn’t disturb sleep. Very happy so far.

Compact unit

Good compact size, light weight and clean simple sleek look. Performance is still under observation - may know more in 12 months time. Airflow with cool air with good filter. So far so good.

Works as advertised!

Bought it for use in the bedroom as our neighbours hedge is right outside and was causing us both to have allergies and difficulty in breathing at night. The Ionmax Ion420 has already made a difference after only one night and using a low speed fan. I move it around during the day to use in other rooms and is just as effective. I am considering buying a 2nd unit.


Warranty is only 12 Months as well, so its well built, lol...

The latest Ionman Breeze ION

The latest Ionman Breeze ION 420 was for an elderly friend. However I bought my own around six months ago and I am very happy with it. I would like to see the filters reduce to a more affordable price as being retired and have to rely on my superannuation and money really doesn't grow on trees. Thanks. Glenn.

The air is noticeably fresher

The air is noticeably fresher since using the Ionmax Breeze


Really good

Elegant and efficient!

I received my purifier today and it is amazing! It looks so stylish and the filters are already collecting a noticeable amount of fluff and fur. . (Cats live with me!). It's obviously working as I can already see what its collected after 5 hours of running it on high. The quiet mode is very quiet which is great for sleeping.
The buttons on the front are very easy to use and I love the effectiveness of it!
I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants cleaner air and easier breathing!

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