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Looking for a reliable jump starter to bring on that road trip with you? Look no further with the Hummer H3’s Jump Starter and Power Bank. Resurrect dead batteries of 3.5L petrol or 2.0L diesel engine vehicles - that’s anywhere from a car to a jet ski! This is the world’s smallest and thinnest jump starter that can be used for up to 10 times in one go. It’s light at only 210g, it’s budget-friendly, but it’s definitely more than meets the eye!



Imagine getting stranded on that road trip! Fortunately, the H3 Jump Starter and Powerbank can power up at least two* phones, simultaneously, in one single charge. Complete a full charge of your smartphone in just an hour with its 6000 mAh and 2A/5V output capacity. Take advantage of its 12V output cigarette lighter to power up all brands of electrical devices such as a vacuum cleaner and air compressor. This gadget is designed just for you!
*Based on a Samsung S8 battery capacity.



It’s a torch that doesn’t burn but can light up the darkest of areas. The H3 Jump Starter and Powerbank has three modes you can use whatever the situation is: use it as a flashlight, an SOS signal, and as an emergency strobe lights.


Use the Hummer H3 Jump Starter without worries thanks to its military grade sparkless protection system, which protects against over discharge, over voltage, overheat, reverse charge, reverse polarity and short circuits.

Rugged, Robust, High Performance

Modelled on Hummer's robust and rugged style, Hummer H3 Jump Starter Power Bank inherit Hummer's pedigree of multi-functionality, a common feature of military vehicles. Equipped with a built-in illuminating system, they can power a wide range of digital products, manifesting Hummer's supremacy in the field of automobile.

Rugged, Robust, High Performance

Modelled on Hummer's robust and rugged style, Hummer Jump Starter series inherit Hummer's pedigree of multi-functionality, a common feature of military vehicles. Equipped with a built-in illuminating system, they can power a wide range of digital products, manifesting Hummer's supremacy in the field of automobile.

Model No. HUM-H3
Battery Capacity 6000mAh (22.2Wh)
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Life Cycle 1000+
Battery Standby Time Up to 6 months
Jump Start Current 12V/150A~300A
USB Output 5V / 2A
Output 5V / 2A
Input 5V / 2A
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 60℃
Dimensions 13.5 x 7.9 x 1.5 cm
Weight 0.227 kg

Integrated WIFI

Real-time playback through your phone using the DriveSense mobile app. Easily access and playback files while connected.

Built-in Accelerometer

Records the speed of your vehicle while driving. The speed (in km/h) is displayed in every video recording as well.

Secure Adhesive Mount

The holder comes with a 3M sticker. Simply peel and stick to the desired location on your windscreen for a secure application.

GPS Enabled

Built-in GPS provides speed and location data which can be viewed via the DriveSense app and the timestamp of the video


The camera and GPS module connect easily and securely to the holder using strong magnetic connection modules. Just click to connect and the Ranger will start up and shut off at the same time as your car engine.

1.5" LCD Colour Screen

Lightweight and compact without blocking your field of view.

Great Image Quality

The DriveSense Ranger Dash Cam provides high quality, clear video recording in all light and weather conditions - day and night.

Excellent Night Performance

Features a large f/2.0 aperture, which provides vivid recordings under low light conditions and clear images even at night.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

The dash cam balances dark and light areas automatically to give you an ideal image even under difficult lighting conditions, so you are more likely to be able to capture fine details such as lettering on a license plate.

150° Wide Angle

6 layer glass with Infrared Vision provides an excellent field of view, comfortably covering up to 5 lanes of traffic.

Full HD 1080 30fps

Records in high resolution super HD 1080p at 30 frames per second, so you can be assured that it will pick up details such as license plate numbers.

H.264 / MP4

With H.264 high compression ratio coding technology, it can effectively reduce the load and latency on the memory to easily store high resolution videos.

4x Digital Zoom

Zoom in to check details of license plates, road signs and street names, without losing any vital details

Built-in Microphone

The microphone is ON by default but can be deactivated. For privacy reasons, please inform your passengers that they are being recorded.

3 / 5 / 10 Minute Recording

You can record videos in segments of 3, 5 or 10 minutes, or continuously. As the recording reaches the end of the programmed time, it will start over.

Loop Recording

Once the memory is full, the dash cam will start writing over older files seamlessly (excluding locked files). This way, you don’t have to worry about the memory card filling up.

DriveSense Ranger Dash Cam Video Quality

The DriveSense Ranger Dash Cam provides high quality, clear video recording in all light and weather conditions - day and night. Its wide 150-degree field of view also provides an excellent view of large intersections or road crossings and up to 5 lanes of traffic.

Daytime Recording

Dim Lighting Recording

Nighttime Recording

Gravity Sensor (G-Sensor)

Protects a file recorded in the event of a collision

The DriveSense Ranger Dash Cam has a built-in gravity sensor that detects a collision using indicators such as vibrations and sudden, jolting motions. This prompts the dash cam to protect the recorded file to prevent it from being overwritten or deleted, preventing the loss of important supporting evidence to help investigators determine just what happened. The G-Sensor sensitivity can be set to Low, Medium, High, or switched off completely.

With a GPS-enabled automatic recording of footage after an impact (such as when you are in a collision with another vehicle), you can feel secure that video evidence of the incident will be preserved, no matter how chaotic the events are.

On the dash cam, you can also manually select a file to lock or protect.

These protected recordings are saved in a separate folder in the microSD card and cannot be deleted from the dash cam itself. These protected files will also not be deleted when the microSD card is full.


Super Secure Mount

The mount is sturdy, so it will keep the dashcam securely in place even when you are driving on the street with bumps or potholes. The Ranger Dash Cam also uses strong magnets that keep the external GPS module and the camera mounted very securely, so you never have to worry about your dash cam getting detached during a bumpy ride or collision.

With the magnets, the dash cam and GPS module are also super easy to attach and detach from the mount! You can opt to leave the camera in place when you park up, but if you’d prefer it can be pulled off from the magnetic mount and easily stowed in your glovebox, or taken away in a pocket, it’s that small.


Auto On/Off and Save

Auto Start Up and Shut Down

Motion Detection

While the Ranger Dash Cam is connected to your car, it will start up and shut down whenever you start the car or switch off the engine. Before shutting itself off when you switch off the car engine, it will also automatically save the last recording and prompt you before shutting down.

You can also enable or disable motion detection. With motion detection enabled, the Ranger Dash Cam will only start recording when motion is detected. This means that while the dash cam may power on when you start the car ignition, it won't start recording if the car isn't moving. This saves you on recording memory when you're still in parked position after starting the engine.

Parking Monitor

Auto surveillance while your car is parked

When you leave your car parked in a location that seems a bit unsafe, you can feel confident by setting the DriveSense Ranger dash cam to parking mode. With this mode enabled, the DriveSense Ranger Dash Cam automatically enters monitoring mode after the vehicle is turned off and stationary. When an abnormal vibration is detected (e.g. the car is hit while parked), the dash cam will automatically switch on and start recording, so you can have a chance to catch vandals and would-be thieves.


Easy to use interface

4 buttons to control all

The Ranger dashcam is built to be user friendly and intuitive to use. The menu and device settings can be easily accessed on the device itself using the four buttons on the dash cam. There are also a few shortcut buttons to help you save time when you're adjusting the dash cam settings. From the device, you can view and playback videos and photos, and also choose to manually lock important files from deletion.

Mobile App

Connect directly to your smartphone to view and download files

If you carry an iPhone or Android smartphone, you’ll want to use the DriveSense app. After downloading the app to your phone, you can connect the app to the Dash Cam via WIFI. From the app, you can download videos recorded with the DriveSense dashcam and view the monitoring screen in real time. You can also open the file folder to view clips, download files and delete them, right on your device. The app also allows you to adjust some dash cam settings.

MicroSD Card

View, download and delete files easily from your computer.

No special cable or software required.

Connect the microSD card to a computer to download and delete files easily. All you need is a microSD card reader on your computer or laptop. Simply preview or play using any MP4 player on your computer. No cables required. No additional software needed. No compatibility issues on either PC or MAC.  

The footage is also automatically divided into folders. The memory card automatically partitions the files into 3 folders for normal videos ("MOVIE"), locked videos ("EMR") and photos.

In Depth Details

Optional: Download the AWS player to view

Additionally, you can also download the GPS video player to view the videos in more detail, including the map, speed, latitude and longitude, while the video is playing. With the player, you can also change the playback speed, language (Chinese, Russian, Japanese), and change the speed unit to miles per hour.

Super Easy to Install

The DriveSense Ranger dashcam comes with everything you need to install it into your car. Follow the instructions in the manual to install your dash cam and you're ready to go.


1 Year Warranty



SONY imx323


F2.0 150° Diagonal Wide Angle 6 layer glass+IR


1.5" IPS 480 x 240 dots


External GPS module (magnetic connection)

Resolution / FPS

1080/30fps, 720/30fps


Built-in Polymer Li-ion Battery 3.7V 250mAH

Power In



8Ω 0.5W

Storage Capacity

32GB microSD card

Image Technology

H.264 / MP4 / WDR / 4x digital zoom

Video Protection

G-Sensor / Motion Detection / Parking Mode

Video Length

off / 3 / 5 / 10 minutes loop recording

Working Temperature

-20 - 70°C




89.4 x 40.95 x 32.35 mm

DriveSense Ranger Dash Cam
User Manual

DriveSense Mobile App

DriveSense GPS Video Player
(AWS Player)

Click to download (5.12MB)

How to install the Ranger Dash Cam in your car

How to install the Ranger Dash Cam in your car (Step-by-step)

  1. Wipe the windshield area with a clean, soft cloth
  2. Peel off the adhesive sticker on the holder and attach it to your windshield
  3. Attach the USB cable to the holder
  4. Tuck cable underneath the headliner
  5. Continue tucking cable into the rubber door seals or down the windshield corner
  6. Tape the cable to the dashboard or run it under the floormat towards the car cigarette lighter
  7. Insert the microSD card to the Ranger dash cam and attach it to the magnetic holder
  8. Attach the GPS module to the magnetic holder.

Ensure the dashcam USB cable is connected to the camera and the car cigarette lighter. Now, every time you start the car engine, the dash cam will start up as well.