You and your loved ones are in safe hands

Breathe comfortably all day. Keep your home free from allergens and germs.

Germs, allergens & pollutants in the air can cause:

Allergic reaction & asthma

Transmission of airborne diseases

Sick building syndrome (SBS)

Only fresh, clean air. No germs. No allergens.

Nothing escapes Ionmax 5-level air purification system. Efficiently reduce the transmission of microscopic particles in the air with 5 steps.

Negative ioniser

1. Clump impurities in the air with negative ions for easy removal.

True HEPA filter

2. Trap 99.97% microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Germicidal UVC light

3. Destroy and inactivate any bacteria and viruses trapped.

Activated carbon filter

4. Neutralise odours from smoke and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Cleanable pre-filter

5. Block larger particles from entering the HEPA filter for ease of maintenance.

The air purifier with ioniser technology you need

Choose the model that suits your home requirement.

Ionmax ION430 Ionmax Breeze ION420 Ionmax Selah ION360
Ionmax ION430 UV HEPA Air Purifier-Air Purifier-Andatech

Have up to 40 sqm of your home space covered. Monitor indoor air quality through digital LCD display. Children and pets friendly.

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Ionmax ION430 UV HEPA Air Purifier-Air Purifier-Andatech

Cover your basic needs of clean indoor air with easy-to-use control. 3 fan speeds. Timer up to 8 hours. Low noise level, suitable for nighttime use.

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Ionmax ION430 UV HEPA Air Purifier-Air Purifier-Andatech

Sleek and compact design, suitable to be placed close to your personal space. Lightweight and easy to be moved around your home.

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Coverage area

40 sqm

35 sqm

15 sqm

Clean air delivery rate (CADR)




Max noise level





H: 590mm, D: 210mm, W: 380mm

H: 409mm, D: 162mm, W: 324mm

H: 202mm, D: 204mm, W: 330mm


7 kg

4.2 kg

2.78 kg

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The air purifier that you can rely on.

  • 30-days return policy
  • Additional 2 years warranty available
  • Service center based in Australia

Your health and comfort matters.

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