#StaySafe Essentials

Shop for essentials from the safety of your own home.

Stock up on face masks to protect yourself and your family, and thermometers to check yourself daily. While staying indoors, trap viruses and bacteria and ensure healthier indoor air ventilation with the help of an air purifier.

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NEW Ionmax Breeze Plus
Antiviral HEPA UV Air Purifier

Featuring an antiviral HEPA H13 filter, which captures particles as small as 0.3 microns with the proven ability to reduce viral infectivity by 99.97%.

Paired with the Ionmax app, you can now monitor and control the indoor air quality in your home right from your mobile phone.

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Prepare your home for La Niña weather

With the La Niña weather phenomenon well started, Australians have been cautioned to expect a rather chilly, rainy, and stormy summer.

Optimise the humidity level in your home with our CHOICE recommended Ionmax dehumidifiers - built for maximum humidity control, extracting up to 10L of moisture a day.

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