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Have You Ever Witnessed How Quickly An Intoxicated Patron Can Sour The Ambience?

It seems that no matter whether you try to slow someone’s drinking too early before they’re drunk, or too late afterwards, you risk it turning into a battle of wills between venue and patron. This is where our AlcoSense Soberpoint II Wall Mounted Breathalyser comes in.

No more need for your staff to risk a scene in front of your other guests, no more arguing with drunken patrons on whether they’re safe to drive or should call a taxi, and no more inexperienced staff fearing doing the wrong thing.

Bar breathalyser AlcoSense Soberpoint II

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Bar breathalyser AlcoSense Soberpoint II

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Bar breathalyser AlcoSense Soberpoint II

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The AlcoSense Soberpoint Helps You With:

  • Certainty – staff can now confidently and discreetly ask patrons to show they’re below the limit
  • Responsibility – it helps you demonstrate your commitment to Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Enjoyment – people can have fun and relax knowing they can check their BAC at any time
  • Disputes – your customers can demonstrate they’re not drunk
  • Ambience – helps staff to convince patrons when it’s time to call a taxi
  • Revenue – an extra income stream for your business
  • Peace of Mind – with less risk of a patron making a scene, it means a better ambience for your other customers

Start earning extra profit for your business

Many customers have actually enjoyed using the machine, but also educates them on their intoxication levels at the same time. Very happy.

- E Naylor, On Top Bar

It's a great little machine, nice and compact. Excellent customer service.

- Mark Bucello, Orange Whip

The breathalyser has been a good asset to the bar, used by many. It's great to ensure the safety and wellness of our customers.

- Regan Lamble, St Kilda Sports Club


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