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Ionmax ION632

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Reviewed and highly recommended for excellent water removal, the ION632 has been the Top Recommended Dehumidifier in the Choice Consumer Dehumidifier Reviews since 2013.

Ionmax ION632 Desiccant Dehumidifier

Excellent humidity control

Efficiently dehumidify your home or office with the ION632. Offering powerful performance and fast dehumidification for large areas up to 50sqm, our dehumidifier is perfect for large homes and offices.

Highly Rated and Recommended by CHOICE

Reviewed and highly recommended for excellent water removal, the ION632 has been the Top Recommended Dehumidifier in the Choice Consumer Dehumidifier Reviews since 2013.

Improved Humidity Level Controls

4 RH Levels

60% - For maximum energy saving and quiet operation

50% - Inhibit mould and bacteria growth

40% - Super dry mode to prevent condensation

Laundry (Continuous) - Dry clothes faster during winter


3 Power Levels

Auto - Convenient automatic operation

Low (Quiet) - Power saving and low noise daily use

High - For rapid dehumidification

Large Area Coverage

Covers large areas from 30 to 50 m2 and provides thorough room coverage with its automatic louvre and three-directional adjustment

Save Costs by Returning Energy to your Home

Additionally, much of the energy used by the dehumidifier is returned to the room as soothing warmth, cutting down your heating bill especially during winter months

Energy Efficient

Removes high volumes of moisture in a shorter amount of time compared to other types of dehumidifiers

Silver Nano Technology Filter

Prevents the growth of bacteria on the filter, improving the quality of air in your home

Low Maintenance

Simply vacuum the filter regulary to keep the ION632 working in top condition. Plus there are no parts to replace, thanks to the Zeolite (used as desiccant in the ION632), which regenerates itself!

Protects Your Home

By lowering and helping to maintain an optimal humidity level indoors, the ION632 can help prevent mould and mildew, protect wood flooring and furniture, and prevent walls and ceilings from rotting or peeling due to excessive moisture

Dry Laundry Efficiently

Pulls excess moisture from the air and helps to dry laundry more efficiently indoors, especially during cold winter months.

User-Friendly Water Tank

A cleverly designed water tank makes checking and emptying the tank easy every time

  • Large 3.5L water tank
  • Water level viewer
  • Carry handle
  • Hand grip to pull water tank out
  • Continuous drainage option (a hose is provided)

Safe to Use Unattended

Various safety features make the ION632 very safe to use, even without monitoring:

Adaptive Control

Fall-down, water-full and abnormal temperature detection

Auto restart and function retrieval after power cut

User Friendly Features

Combined with various extra functions, the ION632 is easy to use and convenient to have around the house

Low noise levels (44 ~ 51 dBA)


Does not emit greenhouse gases

Timer up to 8 hours

Portable with Carry Handle


1 Year Warranty

Model No. ION632
Input Voltage 220-240V AC ~50Hz
Power Consumption 420 – 740W
Coverage Area 30 - 50 sqm
Daily Dehumidifying Rate 10L (20°C, 60% RH)
Tank Capacity 3.5L
Noise Level 51 dB High / 44 dB Low
Product Weight 7.8kg
Dimensions H: 520mm, W: 416mm, D: 186mm
Warranty 1 year

Ionmax ION632 Desiccant Dehumidifier
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Desiccant Dehumidifiers

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Ionmax ION632 Desiccant Dehumidifier Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Up to standards

Its working great...

So far so good. Much

So far so good. Much quieter than expected - like a fan.

Best purchase ever!!

Bought this because we had high condensation in our apartment. Within 3 days of getting it and using it, have no more problems and have even shedded winter clothing layers at night because it actually raises the temperature in our apartment. Best purchase. No regrets whatsoever.


I never knew there was so much moisture in the air. Our house has suffered from condensation problems for years, and we previously used damp absorbent containers, which are messy to handle. The ION632 is producing litres of water per day, and it will save me having to deal with those messy absorbent containers. This is a great product which is easy to use. It is somewhat loud on the auto setting, but it is quiet on the low setting. Emptying the catch tray is easy, and does not spill.



The product is working just

The product is working just fine. Appreciation for responding to my request for advice when product was back in stock. Purchase and delivery pretty quick. Aust Post do not give much notice of actual delivery i.e. 6am that morning for delivery that day. More notice of actual delivery day and time would be better for consumers, when product delivery requires signature.

Excellent for Bathroom

Ionmax ION632 is awesome for my bathroom.
I leave it on timer for 2 hours after shower. It dries up the bathroom quickly + the towel :)
Amazing how much water it can collect.
Can't live without now!

Ionmax ION632

I am very happy with the performance of the dehumidifier, but for me the noise is a real problem as I need to have it turned on frequently.