AlcoSense Novo-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Novo-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Novo-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Novo-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech
AlcoSense Novo-Personal Breathalyser-Andatech

AlcoSense Novo

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Our brand new introductory model offers you the benefits of alcohol testing, but at a fraction of the price. As it is an introductory model, it reads to two decimal places, and comes equipped with 3 easy-read LED lights: Ready, Batt Low, and Warn.

Along with that, the device comes equipped with self trouble-shooting error messages: bAt (low battery), Hot (the user is at or above 0.40% BAC. A warning alarm will sound as well), FLo (which notifies the user that the breath was not sufficient enough for a valid BAC reading), CAL (the unit must be sent in for calibration), and OUT (which means that the unit is out of optimal operating range. The device switches off automatically when this message appears).

Results When You Need It

Get your results in as fast as 3 seconds

Fuel Cell Sensor

Electro-Chemical Fuel Cell Sensor for alcohol specific readings

Designed to Keep Up With You

Use the Novo breathalyser for up to 6 months before it requires calibration

It Goes Where You Go

Lightweight and compact, carry this breathalyser anywhere you go

Quality Product at Your Fingertips

Australian Standards AS3547 Certified for accuracy and reliability

Eliminates Subjective BAC Interpretation

The AlcoSense Novo personal breathalyser has an accuracy range of +/- 0.01%BAC of your result. Its fuel cell sensor also ensures reliable, alcohol-specific BAC readings, meaning it won't pick up traces of non-drinking alcohol substances. A top of the range personal breathalyser, the Novo leaves no room for second guessing.

Results You Can Trust

Never miss a party with the Novo’s 500 test capacity. You’ll get tired of drinking soon enough but the Novo can outlast you and your friends. This product’s praise-worthy reliability and accuracy earned it an Australian Standard AS3547 Certification.

Always There to Help You Out

Issues in breath test accuracy can arise from either blowing too hard, too soft, or not long enough. The Novo eliminates this issue with its flow rate sensor, which prompts you to test again with a "Flow" error message if insufficient breath sample was provided. As a personal breathalyzer, the AlcoSense Novo alcohol breath tester is always there to help you out.

Model No. ALS-NOVO
BAC Range 0.00% - 0.40%BAC
Sensor Type FxCell1
Accuracy ±0.01%BAC at 0.10%BAC
Warm Up Time Within 35 seconds
Response Time Within 22 seconds
Recycle Time Within 2 minutes
Working Temperature 5 – 40°C
Power Supply 2 x AAA Batteries (Alkaline Only)
Mouthpieces 5 mouthpieces supplied (please note this unit is only compatible with AlcoSense mouthpieces)
Memory Capacity None
Result Reading 0.00% to 0.40%BAC
Certification Australian Standard AS3547
Calibration Frequency Australian Standards Requirement: Every 6 months
Display Back-lit LCD
Features 2 decimal place reading, auto power-off, 3 LED lights, error notifications
Includes User manual, mouthpieces, batteries
Product Weight 84g including batteries
Dimensions H: 114mm, W: 47mm, D: 24mm
Warranty 3 years

AlcoSense Novo Breathalyser
User Manual

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Worth the investment!!

Accurate !!

Wendy M.

AlcoSense Novo

Declan K.

Works well

Brenton M.
Excellent Product

Brilliant product. easy to use, simple to use and as far as im aware very accurate. best for peace of mind