EOS Portable Air Purifier

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Wearable Air Purifier

Clean air is no longer limited to just the office or home. The EOS Portable Air Purifier is the latest personal air purifier designed for daily use wherever you go. This wearable personal air purifier sits comfortably around your neck, delivering clean and fresh air directly to you.

A personal air purifier that travels with you

Compact and lightweight at only 230g, the EOS air purifier feels nearly weightless when in use. It's the perfect personal air purifier to bring with you when you're out and about such as on your daily commute, in the office, or shopping.

Compact HEPA Air Purifier

Don't be fooled by its small size - the EOS air purifier also houses its very own HEPA filter!

Traps 99.5% Harmful Pollutants

The H12 HEPA filter traps 99.5% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size. It filters out any harmful pollutants from the air you breathe around your neck, such as dust, pollen and dander. A fan drags in air from the back of the device through the HEPA filter, and delivers clean, filtered air through the front.

Refreshing Negative Ions

The EOS air purifier releases millions of negative ions around you, recreating the feeling of fresh, revitalising air you'd usually get from the clean, natural outdoors.

Negative ions also attract and attach to positive ions (pollutants, dust, harmful gases), making them heavier so that they fall away from the air you breathe.

How the EOS Portable Air Purifier Works

Rechargeable via USB

With a large rechargeable 2,600mA lithium-ion battery made by Samsung, the EOS air purifier can last up to 26 hours of use. Charge it at any USB port with the included cable.

Simple One-Touch Operation

You'll love how easy it is to use the EOS air purifier.

Just touch the operation button once to start Mode 1 (Negative Ions). A blue indicator light will come on.

Touch the button again to switch to Mode 2 (Negative Ions and HEPA filtration/fan). A green indicator light will come on.

Press the button again to switch off the air purifier.

The battery indicator light also informs you when the device is fully charged or needs charging.

Easily replaceable HEPA filter

The HEPA filter can be easily replaced. Just remove the filter on the back and replace with a new one. This is recommended every 3 to 4 months for optimum performance.

Two spare HEPA replacement filters are provided with every purchase of the EOS wearable air purifier.

One Year Warranty

Australian warranty, covered by us.

Brand: EOS

Size: 250 x 55 x 270mm

Weight: 230g

Battery: 2,600mA rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Air output: 50m/h

Negative ion generation: 150 million per 30cm

Charging time: DC5V/1A (About 4 hours for full charge)

Power consumption: 1W

Operating time:

Stage 1 (negative ions only) ~ 26 hours

Stage 2 (negative ions and air purifying mode) ~ 13 hours

In the box: 1 x EOS air purifier, 1 x USB cable, 2 x Replacement HEPA filters, 1 x User manual

Made in Korea


EOS Portable Air Purifier
User Manual

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Lightweight, portable air purifier that works well
Hi Christine Thanks for your review. So sorry we missed out the adaptor in your order. We will ship one out to you separately this week and you should receive it next week. In the mean time you can still charge it at any USB port with the included cable

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