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1 Year Extended Warranty for Coway Air Purifiers-Air Purifier Accessories-Andatech

1 Year Extended Warranty for Coway Air Purifiers

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This 1 Year Extended Warranty is for Coway products only. If you would like to purchase an Extended Warranty for Ionmax products, you may have a look at them here.


Protect your investment and have peace of mind, knowing that if something ever does go wrong, you'll be covered.

Andatech's Extended Warranty for Coway air purifiers increases the term of the standard warranty by a further 12 months after the original warranty has expired.

For example, if your product was purchased on 01.01.2020, the standard warranty of 2 years for Coway air purifiers would expire on 01.01.2022.
If you purchase the extended warranty, the extended warranty would begin from 01.01.2022 and expire in an additional 12 months, on 01.01.2023.
Therefore your total warranty period including the extended warranty would be 3 years from 01.01.2020 to 01.01.2023.

Your invoice or proof of purchase from Andatech will be sent to your email and will serve as the Extended Warranty certificate. Should you need to make a claim during the warranty period, you will need to produce your invoice or proof of purchase that shows your purchase of the Extended Warranty for your product.

  • The standard warranty conditions will otherwise apply unaltered to this extended warranty
  • The Extended Warranty is not transferable
  • The Extended Warranty does not apply to accessories, spare parts, and consumables such as batteries, mouthpieces, and filters.
  • The Extended Warranty cannot be used in conjunction with or to extend the term of any Andatech or third party extended warranty agreement.
  • Use of non-genuine Coway consumables and spare parts may void the Extended Warranty.
  • Andatech's service agent may charge you for labour, parts, and delivery or transport costs if any conditions of the Extended Warranty are breached.
  • The Extended Warranty can only be purchased within thirty (30) days from the original date that the new Coway product was purchased.

Andatech's normal terms and conditions of sale apply to Extended Warranty orders.

From time to time, Andatech may revise the Extended Warranty policy and suggests that you should periodically review the current Extended Warranty Policy on this site.

Andatech will not send you any separate notification of any changes to its Extended Warranty Policy.

Note: Andatech is the authorised distributor for Coway air purifiers in Australia. Any Coway air purifier not distributed by us in Australia (e.g. purchased from Amazon US, or imported from an overseas seller) will not be covered by us and will therefore not be eligible for extended warranty from us.

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